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Location: Offline since
17:31 Fri 07/10/16 (BST)
Member Since:Fri 21/12/12 (GMT)2012/12/21 10:32 GMTE dd/MM/yy (z)
Forum Posts:5,080
Details:Male, 24, England
About Me
Don't accuse me of not meaning a certain shot, quite simply, if I didn't mean it, I will apologise, otherwise just admire a greatly executed shot

I don't play for rank, I play for fun, certain people make the site less fun, and I try at all cost to avoid those

I will be happy when I get my average ranking to over 700, that's my short term target, then achieve at least one of my ranking over 750

Achieved my 750+ target on UK8 on 25/06/13
Achieved my AVG 700+ on 15/07/13
Achieved my 750+ target on 8US on 31/07/13
Achieved my 750+ target on 9US on 15/08/13

Rest stats on 27/09/13

Highest rankings before resetting:
8ac - 749.7
9ac - 718.8
8us - 771.2
9us - 757.2
8uk - 771.2
Killer - 676.6
Straight - 688.5

Tournament Wins - 24
Micro Tournament Wins - 135

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Posted Image

Some videos I like at the moment:

All Time Points Won21,707
8 Ball ArcadeAdept
Ranking706.7 (205th)
Wins235 (54.5%)
Losses196 (45.5%)
Seven Ballings6
Run Outs6
Golden Breaks2
Tournament Wins10
Micro Tourny Wins17
9 Ball ArcadeAdept
Ranking723.8 (95th)
Wins281 (52.3%)
Losses256 (47.7%)
Run Outs22
Golden Breaks4
Tournament Wins9
Micro Tourny Wins9
8 Ball BilliardsAdept
Ranking729.1 (265th)
Wins796 (46.9%)
Losses901 (53.1%)
Seven Ballings15
Run Outs2
Golden Breaks1
Tournament Wins10
Micro Tourny Wins20
9 Ball BilliardsAdept
Ranking716.8 (328th)
Wins756 (45.9%)
Losses892 (54.1%)
Run Outs11
Golden Breaks4
Tournament Wins6
Micro Tourny Wins10
8 Ball Pool UKAdept
Ranking727.7 (292nd)
Wins1,464 (52.5%)
Losses1,322 (47.5%)
Seven Ballings54
Run Outs15
Tournament Wins20
Micro Tourny Wins21
Killer PoolIntermediate
Ranking692.9 (293rd)
Wins240 (47.1%)
Losses270 (52.9%)
Turn Success3,412 of 4,438 (76.9%)
Safeties845 of 3,226 (26.2%)
Straight PoolIntermediate
Ranking691.0 (288th)
Wins288 (40.2%)
Losses428 (59.8%)
Turn Success16,361 of 22,399 (73.0%)
Greatest Run42
Runs of 30+4
Tournament Wins7
Tournament Wins7
Micro Tourny Wins4
Wins3,820 (48.9%)
Losses3,995 (51.1%)
Tournament Wins69
Micro Tourny Wins81