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22:44 Thu 4 Oct 07 (BST)  [Link]  
What can be posted here?

This forum should not be used to discuss players or records, general help etc, please use the appropriate forum for that. (Game shouts/General chat)

How should I post?

Before you post, make sure there isn't a thread that is the same as the one you're going to create. Please don't bring up old threads for no reason. Please don't post if you're going to be offensive or impolite. Same rule here as throughout the forums, NO SWEARING.

Please can members refrain from using "txt spk" in this forum.

Any post contaning 'txt spk' will be deleted.

You may only post using the English language. Decent spelling and grammar shows that you have spent time on creating your post hence you have considered what you're saying.

This also allows us to understand your post or opinion without having to translate, and allows people who's English isn't their first language to understand posts.

Most of all remember to have fun!

(Come on Leicester Tigers)

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Sports chat forum rules.

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