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19:44 Thu 15 May 08 (BST)  [Link]  
What Should I Post Here?

The game shouts forum is to be used for records and all types of achievements, discussions and questions about game play and topics along these lines.

How Should I Post?

Please remember that as with all the forums, English is the only language to be used and "txt spk" is not allowed. Any offensive or abusive language will be edited and/or removed and the offender will be dealt with accordingly.

Please remember that the forums are not the place for naming and shaming. If you have any complaints about a member, you may use Contact Us as a means to address the staff. Any naming and shaming will be removed as quickly as possible and the offender dealt with accordingly.

The complete list of the forum rules can be found here:

And remember, have fun! There's no reason that you shouldn't take pride in your achievements or congratulate others for theirs!

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Game Shouts Forum Rules

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