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Battrick [Cricket Game]

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Deleted User
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05:36 Tue 16 Jun 09 (BST)  [Link]

Game for the cricket fans out there.

Formats they have are:
First Class (3 days)
OD League (50 overs)
BT20 (20 overs)

These are played throughout the week. Each player in a team has 7 different categories:

Stamina: How fit the player is, the higher the better
Wicket Keeper: Wicket keeping rating
Batting: Good batsman
Concentration: This is the secondary for batsman, the higher, the better he is
Consistency: Secondary for bowlers
Fielding: How good they are in the field

RH Batsman, RF Bowler. He is an attacking player with respectable leadership skills and abysmal experience.
He currently has woeful batting form, proficient bowling form and sublime fitness.

Stamina: woeful Wicket Keeping: worthless
Batting: feeble Concentration: respectable
Bowling: abysmal Consistency: feeble
Fielding: abysmal

Just an example: RH Batsman - Right handed batsman
RF bowler - Fast bowler right handed
Attacking player
Respectable leadership - this for captains
Abysmal experience - suppose good for if game gets tight, I mean the experience part, abysmal isn't that good
Woeful batting form - not in great batting form
Proficient bowling form - good bowling form
Sublime fitness - need this to be near top otherwise player may get tired and underperform

In my opinion, starting, you need batsman to be mediocre + in batting and concentration. Bowling to be mediocre+ in bowling and consistency.

Further help can be found on site
Deleted User
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13:20 Fri 19 Jun 09 (BST)  [Link]  
Why not just try just try it
Deleted User
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06:10 Sat 20 Jun 09 (BST)  [Link]  

I play stickcricket as well.

Stickcricket is a game you play

Battrick is a game where you manage a cricket team
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Deleted User
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12:37 Wed 1 Jul 09 (BST)  [Link]  
My BT team ain't doing too well today, need to get some better players in possibly from the youth ranks me thinks.

My StickCricket form has took a beating too, normally a 24 an over minimum man, now struggling to get 24 an over
Deleted User
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07:58 Wed 15 Jul 09 (BST)  [Link]  
Anyone else going to try this, me and Niall are on here and they gave him a better team to start with

Still, hopefully my reserves can beat his team on Sunday in a friendly.

Have to get the reserves on as the first team are tiring with the games in the week, also see how good some of them are.

If truth be told, the reserves are pretty good for first team, bar one or two
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08:19 Wed 15 Jul 09 (BST)  [Link]  
Niall = fail
Deleted User
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08:22 Wed 15 Jul 09 (BST)  [Link]  
My team thumped the opposition today Niall:

Date: 15/07/2009 12:30 Ground: Warney CG
Pitch: Hard and Fast Weather:

Jamaica won the toss and elected to bat.
First Innings of: Jamaica
Name Runs Balls 4s 6s
Attale (*)(+) c. Mccaw b. Dudfield 22 17 1 1
Briscoe lbw b. Mccaw 63 56 4 3
Woods b. Lightbody 1 4 0 0
Mangallie c. Mulhern b. Lightbody 0 2 0 0
Pinder c. Heller b. Lightbody 23 17 2 1
Abrahams not out 24 20 0 2
Mentz b. Dudfield 0 3 0 0
Tekah st. Mulhern b. Dudfield 0 1 0 0
Saddler b. Dudfield 0 1 0 0
Extras (1b, 4lb, 0w, 1nb) 6
Total (20.0 overs, 8 wickets) 139

FOW 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Total 41 44 44 88 138 139 139 139
Batsman Out 1 3 4 5 2 7 8 9

Name O M R W nb wd
Mccaw 4 0 31 1 0 0
Dudfield 4 0 19 4 0 0
Lightbody 4 0 30 3 0 0
Kinsella 4 0 42 0 0 0
Bardsley 4 0 12 0 1 0

First Innings of: Warney CC (play as normal)
Name Runs Balls 4s 6s
Heller not out 47 41 4 0
Mulhern (+) not out 87 40 6 7
Mccaw (*)
Extras (2b, 1lb, 1w, 2nb) 6
Total (13.1 overs, 0 wickets) 140

FOW 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Batsman Out

Name O M R W nb wd
Cherry 2 0 17 0 1 1
Wiltshire 3 0 47 0 0 0
Saddler 3.1 0 19 0 1 0
Tekah 2 0 16 0 0 0
Mentz 3 0 38 0 0 0
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08:28 Wed 15 Jul 09 (BST)  [Link]  
Ohh not bad, won with 41 balls to spare, I'm impressed
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
08:33 Wed 15 Jul 09 (BST)  [Link]  
Dudfield took a hat-trick too with the last 3 balls to restrict their innings.

Pessimistic for tomorrow's game though as the team I've got are a lot better than mine on paper.

Are you alright with picking your best players to play though Niall and read the rules to help?
Deleted User
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07:23 Sat 18 Jul 09 (BST)  [Link]  
Kieran AbelVincent AdlerMushtaq AkrivelliMaurice BoddyJon ChristieEthan CookMelvyn De bruynDominic DurieDavid DurkinDoug FeliceNicky FenoughtyDaniel GerrardRoger IrelandBlair JabulileSimon JacksonBernard KennyNeil KilbanePhil KillenArnold LakemanSol LarkmanRod MalikMitchell MarshBrian MatjhatjhametseBradley MattisJoe MaxwellBrian MaymannRob McstayDominic NixonLee NolanLen OneillLawrence OrganArthur SandersDanny ShoeshoeGavin SpiersLewis WhittleHamish Wilmers

thats my team warns
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
08:33 Sat 18 Jul 09 (BST)  [Link]  
h0t_p0t said:
Why not just try just try it

its addictive yet frustrating
Deleted User
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11:15 Sat 18 Jul 09 (BST)  [Link]  
lol, berba, that means nothing to me, can't pick a team based on names for you. lol

But tried C+Ping my team, only got about 4 players on a post. lol

So with my youngster who is going to be an all-rounder:

Jonathan Lightbody - 17 yo, BT Rating=6,507
LH Batsman, LFM Bowler. He is an attacking player with superb leadership skills and worthless experience.
He currently has strong batting form, respectable bowling form and fair fitness.

Stamina: feeble Wicket Keeping: worthless
Batting: feeble Concentration: feeble
Bowling: proficient Consistency: mediocre
Fielding: woeful

I love attacking, aggressive batsman really because it generally means they will score runs quicker or in theory, doesn't always mean that as a defensive batsman has scored quick runs for me before. lol

Superb leadership means he would be a good captain, if you click on superb, will give you a list of crap to good to help you with that.

The lists for weak to good are on the categories.

Stamina being feeble means he is decent but could be better, would like him to be mediocre plus which is one up. Should be able to last longer matches.

Batsmen need good batting and concentration which he isn't quite at quite yet

Bowlers need good bowling and consistency and Lightbody is good at that at the moment

Fielding will help with catches and keeping the run rate down

Unfortunately resting Lightbody as he isn't fit enough at the moment.
Deleted User
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11:21 Sat 18 Jul 09 (BST)  [Link]  
Stamina, Form, Leadership & Academy

Fitness Levels

I like the players to be fresh or better to be honest for matches

Player skills etc.useless

For starters, mediocre is a good level.

BT Rating generally tells you good players as well with batting, bowling, fielding and stamina.

And for wicket keeping, obviously the best at wicket keeping should be made wicket keeper if they are good enough batting. lol

For more help, click help / rules and also help / beginners guide.

Quick reading of that should help.

To set a team for a match, go to club / fixtures / orders

There are several orders but orders for a match is next to the specific match.
Deleted User
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03:24 Fri 24 Jul 09 (BST)  [Link]  
i gt a team naw
Deleted User
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03:33 Fri 24 Jul 09 (BST)  [Link]  
wanna play wen availble antlew?
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
04:00 Fri 24 Jul 09 (BST)  [Link]  
me VS The Villans
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
04:01 Fri 24 Jul 09 (BST)  [Link]  
We can tell you that The Villians won the toss and elected to bat. The pitch is looking a cracker! Hard and fast - should be a run-fest out there on this partially cloudy and humid day.

Lets join our team for ball-by-ball commentary.

25.2 . Sandford to Mat?eliso
Fullish ball outside off stump, firmly driven straight to cover.
25.1 . Sandford to Mat?eliso
Tries to pull the short ball but gets a bottom edge straight into the ground. No runs there.

End of Over 25: 106-2, runrate=4.24
Mapira 6-1-18-0
Matseliso 28 (58 balls)
Loubser 47 (55 balls)

Last Wicket: Vallance lbw b. Burke 18 (FOW: 32/2)

24.6 . Mapira to Loubser
Mapira's got that past the bat, pads and stumps.
24.5 . Mapira to Loubser
Full and straight, firmly driven straight towards mid off, looking for a quick run but it isn't on.
24.4 . Mapira to Loubser
On the front foot, defends to the off, Gothard fielding at cover.
24.3 . Mapira to Loubser
Nicely flighted delivery from Mapira. A watchful Loubser treated that one with respect, playing it back along the pitch.
24.2 . Mapira to Loubser
Slightly short, gets back and punches it back to the bowler.
24.1 2 Mapira to Loubser
A big heave toward mid wicket from Loubser catches a leading edge but neither mid on nor mid off will get that and the batsmen have time to run two.

End of Over 24: 104-2, runrate=4.33
Sandford 2-0-4-0
Loubser 45 (49 balls)
Matseliso 28 (58 balls)
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
04:02 Fri 24 Jul 09 (BST)  [Link]  
Last Wicket: Vallance lbw b. Burke 18 (FOW: 32/2)

21.6 . Sandford to Loubser
That one was quick from Sandford and it reared up at Loubser hitting him in the chest pad. Just as well he was wearing it.
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
04:05 Fri 24 Jul 09 (BST)  [Link]  
19.6 6 Frecklington to Loubser
Don't park by the boundary. Six runs for Loubser and an expensive bill for the car owner.
19.5 . Frecklington to Loubser
Loubser plays it safe and smothers the spin with a textbook forward defensive shot.
19.4 . Frecklington to Loubser
That one has spun a mile! This guy could turn them on ice. No run.
19.3 . Frecklington to Loubser
Great spin bowling. That dips on Loubser, and he just pats it back to bowler with a nod that shows his respect.
19.2 . Frecklington to Loubser
A half volley on his legs, but he missed the ball completely.
19.1 4 Frecklington to Loubser
Loubser takes a huge stride down the wicket and smites the ball straight back over the bowler's head. One bounce into the sightscreen, for four runs.

End of Over 19: 85-2, runrate=4.47
Mapira 3-0-11-0
Loubser* 32 (33 balls)
Mat?eliso 22 (44 balls)

Last Wicket: Vallance lbw b. Burke 18 (FOW: 32/2)

18.6 . Mapira to Mat?eliso
Well wide of off, bat withdrawn, Laws collects.
18.5 . Mapira to Mat?eliso
Rather full outside off stump, drives and misses.
18.4 2 Mapira to Mat?eliso
Mat?eliso drives, but he hasn't quite picked the gap, and Bates stops the ball near the boundary.
18.3 . Mapira to Mat?eliso
Mistimed and the ball ends up back at the bowler's feet.
18.2 . Mapira to Mat?eliso
What was Mat?eliso thinking? Deliveries like that are begging to be hit down the ground. Better pay more at
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Battrick [Cricket Game]

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