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13:18 Fri 3 Jun 05 (BST)  [Link]  
hey all,

I just wanted to clarify the rules of this part of the forum.

Posts which don't obey these rules will be removed without notice!)

1)Please refrain from swearing, racism, sexist comments, or other offending words;
2)Please do not advertise illegal sites or adult sites on the forums;
3)Please listen to admin or moderators, who are there for your safety and interests;
4)No spam!
5)please can you respect other users. We understand people do not always get on with each other, but please can you have a certain amount of toleration to other users. If you don't agree, try not to launch an attack on them, but answer back constructively. No one wants to read through pages and pages of abuse. Please be polite & tactful, and considerate of others feelings.
6) Please do NOT disclose yours' or other people's private and personal information.
7) Please do NOT post off-topic in the game forums.
8) Please do NOT post threads about wanting to become a mod. (Including posting on behalf of other users!)
9) Please do NOT post in ALL CAPITALS, as many people consider this as shouting!

Also i would like to add a few more:-

10) Please do not create new threads which do not fit into this part of the forum as they will either be moved to another part or will be deleted
11) Please do not make complaints about users in this forum as this normally results in an argument between players. To make a complaint please use the 'contact us' page (any complaints will be deleted)
12) Please do not post things which can easily be solved by talking to an admin/mod online!

Thanks for you time...HAPPY POSTING!!
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'Game Shouts' forum rules

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