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Double elimination straight pool tournament

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01:13 Sun 4 Dec 11 (GMT)  [Link]  
Absolutely no idea when it's happening
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11:48 Sun 4 Dec 11 (GMT)  [Link]  
eemad said:
Had wayyyyyyy to many to drink to right now, but considering it's the ifinal game, wanna make it best of 3? Or d you just want to keep it at one to keep it constant? I'm no fussed either way, it'd jus be fitting for the final "game" to be longer!

you only want it longer so you can try and whoop his candy *ahem* even more
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17:37 Sun 4 Dec 11 (GMT)  [Link]  
I have no recollection of my prior post
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17:40 Sun 4 Dec 11 (GMT)  [Link]  
Is now good?
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20:42 Sun 4 Dec 11 (GMT)  [Link]  
Well the final has happened, and here's the highlights:

GAME: clooneman had a run of 12 points
GAME: clooneman had a run of 11 points
clooneman 23 eemad 3
GAME: eemad had a run of 31 points
clooneman 23 eemad 34
GAME: clooneman had a run of 3 points
GAME: eemad had a run of 4 points
RESULT: Straight Pool Friendly - eemad (1) 38-26 (0) clooneman

EDIT: stupid mistake in the highlights

So that's that, the tourmanent is over, and after 37 games among 20 players, we have our winner. Well done eemad, was hoping to pip you at the post even after your run of 31 but it was not to be. Thanks to everyone for taking part, with no-one failing to play any games apart from one player withdrawing and one player deactivating.

Final rankings
P7 W6 L1 eemad
P7 W5 L2 clooneman
P6 W4 L2 dunkyfunk
P6 W4 L2 w_hoolahan
P6 W4 L2 techno
P5 W3 L2 dgeneratio
P4 W2 L2 tinie
P4 W2 L2 the_only_ego
P4 W2 L2 darren3
P3 W2 L2 long_pot* (withdrew voluntarily)
P3 W1 L2 cphaynes
P3 W1 L2 punkpoet
P3 W1 L2 bulldog_oc
P2 W0 L2 eggfriedrice
P2 W0 L2 yetty1969
P2 W0 L2 tony111
P2 W0 L2 cke1982
P2 W0 L2 liam__scfc
P2 W0 L2 cmurphy
P1 W0 L2 stephen* (deactivated, gone)

These rankings will be used to initially place the players for the next tournament, a straight pool ladder. Players who have finished on the same number of wins will be separated by other means, and full details will appear on that thread when it appears. Everyone will be messaged to invite them to join, and any new players can join in at the bottom.

Special awards!
Greatest run: 84 (eemad)
Giantkilling award for the beaten player who defeated the most unbeaten players: clooneman (2). Runner-up: dgeneratio (1)
Closest game (in terms of losing score): dgeneratio 44-34 liam__scfc

Congrats once again to eemad who had to race uphill from the beginning and was in a battle for survival against every opponent after losing his first game.

Full results
darren3 38-8 punkpoet*
dunkyfunk 39-8 bulldog_oc*
tinie 52-17 cmurphy*
the_only_ego 44-5 stephen*
clooneman 36-28 dgeneratio*
long_pot 35-25 yetty1969*
w_hoolahan 35-14 cke1982*
cphaynes 36-13 liam__scfc*
clooneman 37-10 cphaynes*
tinie 53-33 eemad*
w_hoolahan 39-24 tony111*
the_only_ego 45-20 yetty1969**
eemad* 31-8 tony111**
punkpoet* 36-9 cke1982**
techno 37-32 long_pot*
dunkyfunk 40-30 darren3*
dgeneratio* 44-34 liam__scfc**
bulldog_oc* 36-19 cmurphy**
long_pot* 38-14 punkpoet**
darren3* 44-0 bulldog_oc**
dunkyfunk 36-22 clooneman*
eemad* 47-22 cphaynes**
dgeneratio* 35-22 eggfriedrice*
techno 37-28 eggfriedrice**
dgeneratio* 38-17 darren3**
techno 35-15 tinie*
techno 39-9 dunkyfunk*
w_hoolahan 35-29 the_only_ego*
eemad* 62-21 the_only_ego**
clooneman* 36-16 w_hoolahan*
eemad* 84-0 dgeneratio**
clooneman* 47-32 techno*
w_hoolahan* 35-8 tinie**
dunkyfunk* 36-5 w_hoolahan**
eemad* 38-18 techno**
clooneman* 35-30 dunkyfunk**
eemad* 38-26 clooneman**
* denotes a player having lost one game after that fixture
** denotes a player eliminated after that fixture

Edited by forum moderator clooneman, at 18:55 Mon 05/12/11 (GMT)
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20:47 Sun 4 Dec 11 (GMT)  [Link]  
congratulations jam jars on a very good win through out the tourny. Special thanks to cloone who has run his socks of whilst sorting everything out... SINGLE HANDEDLY. So from everyone who took part we thank you cloone and look forward to the up and coming future events.
Posts: 31,209
19:09 Mon 5 Dec 11 (GMT)  [Link]  
You're welcome; as long as everyone had half as much fun as I had, then happy days.
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
20:44 Sat 17 Dec 11 (GMT)  [Link]  
cke1982 3 vs 37 eggfriedrice
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15:14 Mon 19 Dec 11 (GMT)  [Link]  
Nice score... but wrong thread

Here you go:
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23:12 Tue 20 Dec 11 (GMT)  [Link]  
punkpoet 35vs34 bulldog_oc

ggs ul

Edited at 23:16 Tue 20/12/11 (GMT)
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03:53 Thu 22 Dec 11 (GMT)  [Link]  
you did beautiful come back
Posts: 31,209
23:06 Fri 23 Dec 11 (GMT)  [Link]  
The Straight Pool Ladder is the successor tournament to this one

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Double elimination straight pool tournament

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