o2 Privacy Breach

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13:41 Wed 25 Jan 12 (GMT)  [Link]  
Just saw this on the news and thought I should make you all aware.

Mobile phone operator O2 are investigating claims that mobile phone numbers are being sent to websites that are visited by people browsing the internet on their mobile phones.

When you visit a website, a header is sent detailing your phone model, Operating System and internet browser, to allow the website owners to optimise their website for the various different device. But the headers have also been including your mobile phone number.

At the moment this is only known to affect some O2 UK users and not others, but could also affect other networks.

A website has been set up to allow you to check the headers for your phone - http://www.lew.io/headers.php


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19:15 Wed 25 Jan 12 (GMT)  [Link]  
From the website posted above said:
Fixed! Good job social media :)

All seems to be fixed: O2's statement. Some questions still remain about which "trusted partners" do get to see your phone number, but I'm not holding my breath for a response on that one. I'll leave the below page in place, but everything below this line can be considered out of date. You should no longer be able to see your number listed here.

All seems to be well and good now. Thanks for the heads up!
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o2 Privacy Breach

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