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23:41 Wed 4 Jul 12 (BST)  [Link]  
A sticky thread to refer to regarding connection issues.

Firstly, unless *everyone* loses connection at the same time, it is not a server issue. These are the server stats for the past few months :
Quarterly uptime:99.99% Downtime:5 min(s) 46 sec(s)
Month 2012-06 Uptime:99.99% Downtime:4 min(s) 22 sec(s)
Month 2012-05 Uptime:100.00% Downtime:1 min(s) 24 sec(s)
Month 2012-04 Uptime:100.00%

So, why do you sometimes lose connection?

Answer - because somewhere, in the massive web of connections that makes up the internet, a link between you and the server was lost. You can check things at your end (dodgy wireless connection, interference, missing ASDL filter etc) but if its anywhere between, there is nothing you can do but be patient.

Take this diagram of a very small network to help you get an idea of the number of connections involved :

OK, so, why do I only lose connection to funkypool, not other sites?

Answer - Because they may not be using the same connection that has been broken, or you may actually lose connection but not notice.

Why is it that sometimes lots of people lose connection at the same time?

Many reasons, but most commonly they will all be using the same ISP, or some common part of the web in their path between their computers and the server. Think of it like a road network - if the M1 is closed, many people will be cut off from London, but others coming via different routes will be unaffected.
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Connection Issues

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