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23:10 Thu 2 Aug 12 (BST)  [Link]  
I am currently trying to work out a possible schedule for next season (it will depend on the teams that enter though) so for now i am just going to go with we will have four sets per division. Changes obviously will be made if more sets are needed.

I need to post this seasons schedule first though as i am going to work out the FBL one after this then myself and mattywellie can decide when is better to start the FBL and how long a break each league will have before the new season. League schedules will be done the way they were done this season also.

From now on i will use this thread to keep all future schedules on so everyone will know what they are and its and easy to find what you are looking for.
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00:05 Fri 3 Aug 12 (BST)  [Link]  
Season 17 Schedule

17th June 2012 - 1st July 2012
Divison One Set One
Divisin Two Set One

1st July 2012 - 15th July 2012
Divison One Set Two
Divisin Two Set Two
Clan Cup Round One

15th July 2012 - 29th July 2012
Divison One Set Three
Divisin Two Set Three
Clan Cup Quarter Final

29th July 2012 - 12th August 2012
Divison One Set Four
Divisin Two Set Four
Clan Cup Semi Final

12th August 2012 - 26th August 2012
Divisin Two Set Five
Clan Cup Final

This is the current league schedule for the season ongoing just now. More to follow soon.
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15:42 Fri 21 Sep 12 (BST)  [Link]  
FCL Season 18 Schedule

23rd September 2012 - Transfer Closes
27th September 2012 - Pre Season Teamsheets
30th September 2012 - Pre Season
7th October 2012 -
14th October 2012 - Admin Work (Teamsheets)
21st October 2012 - Fixture Set One
28th October 2012 -
4th November 2012 - Fixture Set Two & Cup One
11th November 2012 -
18th November 2012 - Fixture Set Three & Cup Two
25th November 2012 -
2nd December 2012 - Fixture Set Four & Cup Three
9th December 2012 -
16th December 2012 - Fixture Set Five & Cup Four
23th December 2012 -
30th December 2012 -
6th January 2013 - Cup Final
13th January 2013 -
20th January 2013 - End Of Season

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FCL Schedules.

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