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chat bout ure fav bands

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Deleted User
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10:23 Wed 16 Feb 05 (GMT)  [Link]  
come in and chat 2 me bout ure fave bands NO GEEKS IN ERE PLZ....! LOL
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
10:28 Wed 16 Feb 05 (GMT)  [Link]  
my fav bands or singers must be
1. blue.
2. i used 2 like westlife buts their s**t now.
3. britney spears i love her voice.
4. McFly.
5. destinys child.
6. j.Lo.
7. celine dion.

i fink there all gr8 i also like a bit of bon jovi.
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
11:35 Wed 16 Feb 05 (GMT)  [Link]  
1 eminem
2 2pac
3 eminem
4 2pac
5 emi........ acctually snoop dogg + nas + warren g + erm...... eminem
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
06:22 Thu 17 Feb 05 (GMT)  [Link]  
NOFX, greenday, less then jake, alkaline trio, tenacious d, box car racer, blink, cky, stiff little fingers, no use 4 a name, the killers, transplants, muse, goldfinger, foo fighters, theres just so many i cant name them! i think i like 2 many bands...oh! sorry, didnt realise u said no geeks, guess i shouldnt have posted lol
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
06:46 Thu 17 Feb 05 (GMT)  [Link]  
lol....i lyk, rise against, yellowcard, goldfinger, alkaline trio, taking back sunday, system of a down, powerman5000, my chemical romance, greenday, amber pacific, bowling for soup, good charlotte, kasabian, franz ferdinand, steriogram, donots, disturbed, dashboard confessional, eminem, the matches, jimmy eat world, ash, blink182, hoobastank, evanesance, seether, snow patrol, switchfoot, linkin park, oasis, ana johnsson, avril u sed u had too many, btw i dnt listen to all of these nemore sum i used to lyk or i just lyk the one song from them or sumthin
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
09:23 Thu 17 Feb 05 (GMT)  [Link]  
kwl none of u r geeks lol but then again u neil r lol only jkin
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
09:29 Thu 17 Feb 05 (GMT)  [Link]  
ooh! thnx alot lol
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
09:30 Thu 17 Feb 05 (GMT)  [Link]  
yeh lol :-)
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
06:13 Fri 18 Feb 05 (GMT)  [Link]  
not 2 bad taste in music squeezy!

i like him,cky,rammstein,nfg,nofx,pantera,iron maiden,jimmy eat world,blink182,ff(foo fighters),qotsa(qween of the stone age),soad(system of a down),sum41,weezer,switchfoot, interpol, slayer,saxon,metallica,damageplan,greenday, offspring,limp bizket,bullet for my valentine,puddle of mudd,anthrax,saliva,millencolin,ffaf(funeral for a friend),good charlotte,nirvana,korn bowling 4 soup,ash,gnr(guns n roses), velvet revolver,opm,A7X(avenged sevenfold AMAZING BAND),rage against the machine,

the list is endless!!!!!!!!
pantera,a7x,bfmv,cky,him r ma fav bands!!!!
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
06:52 Fri 18 Feb 05 (GMT)  [Link]  
my top bands are- Metallica, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Anthrax foo fighters, RATM. Limp Bizkit. Any 1 who disses these bands can lik my bumhole.
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
07:04 Fri 18 Feb 05 (GMT)  [Link]  
Rage against the machine, Motorhead, Metallica (duh), Foo fighters, Nirvana, Megadeth, KoRn, Linkin Park, Guns n'Roses, Velvet Revolver, none of that teeny pants cinderella likes
Posts: 2
07:36 Fri 18 Feb 05 (GMT)  [Link]  
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Deleted User
(IP Logged)
08:02 Fri 18 Feb 05 (GMT)  [Link]  
banned you, i've had enough of this daily racism and abuse!
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
08:17 Fri 18 Feb 05 (GMT)  [Link]  
My chemical romance, alkaline trio, the ataris, me first and the gimme gimmes, yellowcard, Brand New ... theres plenty more where this came from lol
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
12:52 Fri 18 Feb 05 (GMT)  [Link]  
dead kennedys
sex pistols
stiff little fingers
uk subs
bad religion
hot water music
and many more punk,ska bands
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
13:06 Fri 4 Mar 05 (GMT)  [Link]  
bullet for my valentine
avenged sevenfold(a7x) amazing
papa roach
drowning pool
gang green
bad religion
dead kennedys
the vines
the hives
linkin park(old stuff)
limp bizkit
velvet revolver
puddle of mudd
funeral for a friend
black sabath
public enemy
white stripes
jimmy eat world
the ramones
the bravery
good charlotte
bowling 4 soup
switch foot
iron maiden
rage against the machine
foo fighters

the list is endless
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
02:39 Sat 5 Mar 05 (GMT)  [Link]  
oh no, i'm a geek, i shouldn't be here...
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
10:51 Sat 5 Mar 05 (GMT)  [Link]  
i have to say, gilli has awesome taste in moosic :d
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
11:56 Sat 5 Mar 05 (GMT)  [Link]  
baby lion who u like?

ToMMy $h££r1n!
Posts: 3,468
12:16 Sat 26 Mar 05 (GMT)  [Link]  
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chat bout ure fav bands

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