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21:13 Mon 18 May 15 (BST)  [Link]  
I think a player comparison option should be added to select a certain amount of players to compare stats side by side like any other comparison website. I've found myself opening 2 web pages to do this on here before and seems like a no brainier to add this feature.
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21:14 Mon 18 May 15 (BST)  [Link]  
great idea
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01:27 Tue 19 May 15 (BST)  [Link]  
Silly idea - already enough egomaniacs on here as it is. Stats are not a true reflection or account of someone's true ability anymore these days - so the comparisons will be false.

ONLY way for this to work would be to completely RESET everyone's accounts and everyone have say 1 month to try and build up as high as they can - then start it from there.
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08:05 Tue 19 May 15 (BST)  [Link]  
could be, we have it on angels where you can compare stats and even have an AI battle vs them.

Lets say...

Titles: 200 points each
Ranking: exactly as it is rounded
Wins/Loses: Frame Difference (can't go below zero)
7 Ball: 7 Ball Twice
Runout: 5 Times
Golden Breaks: 10 Times

Not sure if its exactly right but below it shows destiny is better as we all knew. Hope you guys can think of a better scale but tried to make it even as possible.

On here it would be (just using 8 UK as an example)...

Dgeneratio vs Destiny

8 Ball UK
Title: 600-600
Ranking: 764-793
Maximum: 853-924
Streak: 364-833
Seven Ballings: 460-404
Runouts: 375-375
Golden Breaks: 190-260
Overall: 3606-4189

8 Ball Pool UK Adept
Ranking 764.3 (114th)
Maximum 853.1
Wins 3,186 (53.0%)
Losses 2,822 (47.0%)
Abandoned 11 (0.2%)
Seven Ballings 230
Run Outs 75
Golden Breaks 19
Tournament Wins 6
Micro Tourny Wins 1

8 Ball Pool UK Adept
Ranking 793.4 (13th)
Maximum 923.7
Wins 1,354 (72.2%)
Losses 521 (27.8%)
Seven Ballings 202
Run Outs 75
Golden Breaks 26
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Player Comparison

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