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Deleted User
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07:26 Mon 20 Nov 06 (GMT)  [Link]  

I was working on the trawlers up in Gladstone some time back,
When I met this codger who went by the name of Pin-Head Jack.
Nick-names can be descriptive but this one was best of all,
'Cause this guy's head was smaller than a blo ody tennis ball.

I wondered how it happened this deformity of his,
'Though it might cause some embarassment if him I was to quiz.
One fisherman I asked said "Sorry mate, it's just too sad",
Whilst others just replied "That bloke is flamin' raving mad".

Curiosity got the best of me I had to know his tale,
And he said that he would tell me, if I purchased him an ale.
I went straight to the nearest bar and bought the man a beer,
And prepared myself to hear the saddest yarn I'd ever hear.
Deleted User
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07:26 Mon 20 Nov 06 (GMT)  [Link]  
Old Jack lamented sorely of a time he now regrets,
Of the fateful day he once had caught a mermaid in his nets.
At first he thought, You beauty! This should buy me lots of beer,
I could lease her out to Seaworld for a million bucks a year.

I'll buy myself a dozen pubs and every man I'll shout,
I'll be the proudest man in all the world without a doubt.
But the mermaid, still entangled, begged him "Sir, please set me free,
And just to show my gratitude I'll grant you wishes three"

He thought of his encumbent situation, as it were,
he weighed the pros, he weighed the cons, and then replied to her.
"My fishing boat is in a poor delapidated mess,
And I wish I had a new one so my friends I could impress".
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
07:27 Mon 20 Nov 06 (GMT)  [Link]  
It had happened in an instant, ere the second hand struck one,
A brand new spanking trawler was now gleaming in the sun.
Well old Jack was quite astounded, over-awed to say the least,
This was clearly more impressive than his thoughts of hops and yeast.

Then he started thinking money and he opened up his gob'
"Miss, I wish that I were wealthier than Kerry Packer's mob"
And just as had occurred before, 'twas over in a flash,
His brand new fishing boat was now piled high with wads of cash.

He realised with these riches, debts he would no longer care,
But was dumb-struck by her beauty and her flowing locks of hair.
"If I could just make love to you would be my final wish"
"But Sir" she said "I'm just half girl, the other half is fish".

He pondered for a moment on his plight and then he said,
"Well O.K. then, I wish that you'd give me a little head".
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
11:27 Mon 20 Nov 06 (GMT)  [Link]  
YAY!!!! Great Ruds.... oh btw Swing is one ofour mates on here(not on as much now) but if ya go back and read some poems,you will find i used to judge who's was the bes tout of Ste,Swing and Squeezy they all do fab poems and no reasonwhy there are .........< after ya name lol

Deleted User
(IP Logged)
13:06 Mon 20 Nov 06 (GMT)  [Link]  
I no, i read them this morning!
And paula, go to the very first page, and read the poem on the first page about the boy who lost his dart, that was my very first post on fp lmao!!!!
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
13:22 Mon 20 Nov 06 (GMT)  [Link]  
OMG Was you here then???? what was ya name??

Have you read Ste's very 1 st one?? I luuuuuuuurve it lmao
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
15:05 Mon 20 Nov 06 (GMT)  [Link]  
After sitting and gettin moaned at
For quite a long old time
I've decided to finaly post one
Just to stop her whine
Cuz yet again i've been asked to do
Another poem for this thread
I really aint got time for it
I could really use my bed
But post i must a poem again
To make a certain person glad
So this one is for paula
To stop her going mad

Deleted User
(IP Logged)
15:12 Mon 20 Nov 06 (GMT)  [Link]  
Thankyou *hugs* This is my Fave thread tho
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
00:11 Tue 21 Nov 06 (GMT)  [Link]  
Yes i was, i joined fp at 1st Feb
Round about god-knows-when i randomly spoke to pitbul_pete, and i pretended i was an orphan child lmao! He didnt believe me but we were havin such a laugh, then he intrduced me to u and ste, then i met the dr, followed by stella e.t.c, then i went on the forums coz u lot posted there, and met tids,pw, all the rest e.t.c, So wot a fp liife i had If this site didnt hav forums, i would hav prob left it by now! lmao!!

PS: justsumgirl, my name was ruddan_06, it got deleted coz i oppted for a mod, but it got muffed up and 4 sum reason i couldnt eva get bak on my acc,
ruddan_06_ LOL NOT ruddan_06
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
10:01 Tue 21 Nov 06 (GMT)  [Link]  
The nickname is Ruds
So dont u forget
'Twas here on Funky
Where we all met
He posts on Poems
While Guevara is away
For that we are gratefull
In every single way
So Rudders keep posting
Dont ever go away
Stay here on these forums
Forever and a day
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
10:06 Tue 21 Nov 06 (GMT)  [Link]  
rudders i wasnt mentioned once on that little essay you did

yay great poem Paula hun *hugs* xxxx
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
11:00 Tue 21 Nov 06 (GMT)  [Link]  
I said e.t.c Steph!
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
11:07 Tue 21 Nov 06 (GMT)  [Link]  
Thankyooooooooooou stephy

Im not messing now Ste..........u better get ur (_x_) Here before i crack up!!!!! WE NEED POEMS FROM U !!!

Deleted User
(IP Logged)
11:09 Tue 21 Nov 06 (GMT)  [Link]  
Oh yeah, thank youuuuu paullaaaaa
*wipes tear away*

Deleted User
(IP Logged)
11:09 Tue 21 Nov 06 (GMT)  [Link]  
Title plz
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
11:37 Tue 21 Nov 06 (GMT)  [Link]  
Justsumgirl and Mr_Guevara

I never knew the meaning, of true love
Until i found this site, burried deep below
This site was funky and cool, deffently not rough
And everyone welcomed me, with a big Hello!

I was minding my own buisness, like i always do
Until i got pm'ed, by someone i didnt no
His name was pitbul_pete, he gave me a lil boo
At first i said away, away now.......GO!

He kept on saying, didnt ever stop
So i decided to talk to him, we got on well
Until he invited me to garage, colsed the window then...POP!
So i went to the garage, where i saw my repell

A women named Justsumgirl, and a man named Ste
Both cluess of who i am, Untill pete told them
So thats when it all happened, they both welcomed me
Then i met, tids, steph, pw, stella, much more and nem

Edited at 19:38 Tue 21/11/06 (GMT)
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
11:38 Tue 21 Nov 06 (GMT)  [Link]  
Thats when i went to the forums, Happy indeed
And started posting, wiggling my way in
I wanted to be in there group, but at first i was a sead
So thats when i shew them, i was here to win!

Thats when it crossed my mind, of these two young birds
They were surely very close, something was going on
So i tried to gather infomation no action, just words
And before i knew it my mind wondered, it was gone!

These two people were made together, born close i see
As they seem so right, share the same hobbies too
And Mr_guevara And Justsumgirl, were the king and queen bee!
And when i see them together its nothing imagine, can you

They blow your mond away, with one instant breath
But before i end this poem, click as i do
I just wanna say, ill stay here to death
And i love each and everyone of you!
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
11:41 Tue 21 Nov 06 (GMT)  [Link]  
OMG! i just read it through, and its crap
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
11:48 Tue 21 Nov 06 (GMT)  [Link]  
OMG RUDS! I LUV IT! Thankyou *hugs*
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
12:34 Wed 22 Nov 06 (GMT)  [Link]  
The Naming Stranger

Walking alone, down a big dark street
Its so quiet, i can feel my heart beat
I see a girl, near an entrance of an back-alley
she said to me, "is your name sally?"
From that i could tell, that she was thick
with moles on her face, oh it made me sick
One last time, she said to me again
"I know who you are, are you Ben?"
From my facial expression i carried on to walk
Where quietly behind me, the old girl stalk
I turned around, "Why are you following me"
Where she said "Is your name Lee"
From that i found a stone, where i carry
She said " Is your name larry, barry, or gary?"
Fuming my face, I built up to say "NO!"
Where the old girl, her chin lifted low
From this point forward, i started to feel ratty
Where the old girl said, "Is your name Matty"
Finally i said "YES and who are you?"
She says, "your auntie, your auntie Sue!"
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