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Deleted User
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05:01 Sun 19 Mar 06 (GMT)  [Link]  
Swing, bemused, begins to write
He's still not over Friday night
His addled brain won't get in gear
Instead of thoughts, it's full of beer
All that he wants is a bit of time
For him to produce a simple rhyme
The Funkypool Laureate's cup is his
When needed he can do the biz
He knew that he could be the best
His rhymes were better than the rest
Guevara too had a reasonable claim
As Swing's chief rival in the game
Paula knew who was best for sure
But she decided to call it a draw!
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
08:02 Sun 19 Mar 06 (GMT)  [Link]  
Awww, these are getting better by the day....
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
09:00 Sun 19 Mar 06 (GMT)  [Link]  
lol good to hear you've recovered swing

Sunday afternoon and all is sound
Slugging out with poems, going pound for pound.
Swing has returned, with poems in mind
Delighting us with rhythm, how thoughtful, how kind.
Paula must be so glad, two poets at hand
As the number of peoms carries on and expands
Excited as she clicks the thread, yearning to read
Has she become addicted? Is it now a need?
Oh no it cannot be, its all a bit of fun
She loves reading the poetry, that swing an i have done.
And so we carry on, rhyming words all the time
The pleasure is everyones, especially mine.
Deleted User
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15:02 Sun 19 Mar 06 (GMT)  [Link]  
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
15:30 Sun 19 Mar 06 (GMT)  [Link]  
I cant think of anything to write now - any ideas for one???
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
01:17 Mon 20 Mar 06 (GMT)  [Link]  
A title for a poem???
The Funkypool Forum/s!!.........
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
08:57 Mon 20 Mar 06 (GMT)  [Link]  
I love to sit down and log onto the net
I rush to the funkypool site
Another poem to write, in my mind it is set
No abuse or foul language, writing on through the night

Click once into forums, then on to fun and games
Look for the thread which i love
Look at reply's but first look at their names
Then reply once yourself to the one thats above.

Its seems theres a trio, Swing, Paula and I
A love for the poetry written
More and more rhymes, as the days go by
With this thread full of poems -i am truly smitten

But if theres one thing i want, truly one thing
Concerning one person who sits on the shelf,
It would make my day, i would dance and sing!
If Paula, Please Paula! would write one herself.

Deleted User
(IP Logged)
09:50 Mon 20 Mar 06 (GMT)  [Link]  

Concernin' a poster, Swing was his name
The funkypool forum's where he found his fame
His beautiful lyrics, so strong and so clear
Entranced the whole forum for many a year

When Swing was a writin' his words and his rhyme
Settin' down his vision for now and all time
Paula sat reading, and her eyes filled with tears
And she sat and she read 'bout the passing of years

Swing wrote some words about the nature of life
and how Funkypool helps with the sadness and strife
How posting on forums can help bring a cheer
That will keep us all going till the end of the year
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
10:45 Mon 20 Mar 06 (GMT)  [Link]  
(I cant do poems mr,,lol am sorry i tried b4)

WOW i'd be stuck if i had to choose a winner here...
Can they get much better i ask myself???......
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
11:16 Mon 20 Mar 06 (GMT)  [Link]  
lol i didnt know we were competing!!!

I think he has the advantage with the age etc tho, he has a bit more wit than i do lol. Il have to wait and ripen with age
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
11:23 Mon 20 Mar 06 (GMT)  [Link]  
She flicks back her hair as she turns her head,
The scent of shampoo lingers near
Hanging in my mind are the last words she said,
Her voice was as gentle as an infants tear.

She walks away slowly, with a confident stride
Looking back with a smile on her face
The doubts are gone now, my heart goes for a ride
Beating on my chest with a boisterous pace.

Ten minutes later a beep on my phone,
Telling me the sad, tragic news
A car took her life and now im alone
Now i sit here writing, expressing my blues.

So sudden she left, without one last goodbye
The tears, streaming onto my cheeks.
These are the feelings that have poisoned my mind
For the past fourteen heart-wrenching weeks.
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
11:24 Mon 20 Mar 06 (GMT)  [Link]  
That just popped in my head - bit sad aint it lol.
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
15:21 Mon 20 Mar 06 (GMT)  [Link]  
aww it is sad........good tho mr......
Posts: 3,764
15:36 Mon 20 Mar 06 (GMT)  [Link]  
Nice thread, and some class poetry....more!!!
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
16:04 Mon 20 Mar 06 (GMT)  [Link]  
Based on truth this lol.

How i always wake in the night with a scratch at my door,
And i think about grabbing my bat.
But as my senses come round, i realise its a claw
Then i open the door, and in strolls my cat.

If i know it is her, i'll try ignore it a minute
And try to get back to my sleep.
But it gets louder and louder until it reaches my limit.
Slowly but surely, i always rise to my feet.

So in she comes, triumphant in her plee
She quickly jumps onto my bed.
I get back to my rest, and turn off the T.V
And until the morning were content, purring, resting our heads.

For poppy
lol -haha!

Edited at 00:05 Tue 21/03/06 (GMT)
Posts: 3,764
16:31 Mon 20 Mar 06 (GMT)  [Link]  
I can see references to 'the class struggle' in that poem.

That's deep!!!
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
17:37 Mon 20 Mar 06 (GMT)  [Link]  
I jump from my bed, woke up by a roar
startled to hear the crash at the door
I pick up a whip, and a heavy tyre iron
I open the door and in strolls my lion

I know it is him, and I'm scared out my mind
the last time I stroked him, he bit my behind
The roar it gets louder, as he wants to be fed
and I reach for the antelope under my bed

Quick as a flash, he bites off half my arm
But I know in my heart that he meant me no harm
So I sew up the wound, and give him a warning
that if he behaves, he'll get Leg in the morning
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
17:49 Mon 20 Mar 06 (GMT)  [Link]  
That was also based on truth.
For a given value of truth.
That value is "not"
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
03:36 Tue 21 Mar 06 (GMT)  [Link]  
*claps* very good..............
Deleted User
(IP Logged)
09:37 Tue 21 Mar 06 (GMT)  [Link]  
Living on an island, with the sun beating down
We each pop another bottle of beer.
We're having so much fun theres no reason to frown!
We can be as loud as we want - theres nobody near!!!!

With skirts made of leaves, the girls walk by,
And wave with a smile on their face.
Theres plenty more here, who are going to walk by,
So just admire the view, no need to give chase.

Everybody smiling, chilling out in the sea.
Juicy steaks on the grill, so sweet.
Mr g looks on thinking, 'this is the life for me'
As the tide rolls in at his feet.

At night theres a fire, embers flickering high
Everybody crowded around.
More liquor is drank, on the sand we all lie
And the guitar plays on, as we all sing aloud.
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