Summary of recent game developments.

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04:33 Thu 2 Nov 06 (GMT)  [Link]  
New features are continuously added to funkypool.

Notable improvements include:

Game improvements include

- Alerts when a tournament invite is received and alerts when shot time is down to 5 seconds

- Links allowed in chat text

- Filter to show games by game type on the play game dialogue

- Improved rendered ball graphics

- Consistant improvements to increase game reliability and improve response time

Forum improvements include

- Ability for mods to moderate specific forums and moderate posts (without removing the entire post). This makes the forum a lot easier to maintain, and should increase the value of the forum.

- Help for posting (buttons for bold and links and smileys)

Website improvements include

- All times are shown according to the timezone set on your PC

- Constantly updated help pages evolving with user feedback

In addition moderating recruitment is now an up and running process. We now have a total 18 moderators and admin... and we are recruiting new moderators each month!
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Summary of recent game developments.

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