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About Me
Co-founder of The Professionals clan (7 time FCL winners!, that's 7 for 8!). Me and dvz started it after MVP discontinued (played with them for their last 3 seasons), but it wouldn't have taken off or continued so long without mattywellie, scott7a, _redherring_, miss_harriet, and thegame26. That's 7 consecutive (10 overall) FCL titles I've been part of (Div 2 the first time)!

I then quit clans when keith ruined the FCL (dropped frame count from the scoring system). There isn't a league worth winning anymore, they're all decided by luck between the near-equal teams.
That made dvz the only original member left at that point (harriet had just left also). He suggested a name-change and we decided it wasn't Pro's anymore, time to discontinue. The current captain (dgeneratio) graciously had no problem with it, and started a new clan with the 5 or so remaining Pros players (from previous season) and all his new recruits. Then,
Get This!,
the runner (horse10000/keith), knowing all about the fold/name change (dgen had announced the change 3 or 4 times and even made a new team thread), launches the new season with Pros included anyway (while telling dgen he doesn't have to change it if he doesn't want to, as if me and dvz had forced him)!
That, a few nay-sayers (only 2 or 3 of which were even in the clan), and the un-requested capping of the new thread, convinced dvz and dgen to back down and reclaim the pros name for one more season.

No bother, I know when the real Pros folded.

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Me and my family, I'm very proud of it.

People ask about the name, if I'm a musician. My middle name is Benjamin, I'm a drummer, and learning the guitar. Here's a piece.
This is a cover of Hurt Like Mine, by the Black Keys.
cover of Just Got To Be, by The Black Keys
cover of Offend In Every Way by The White Stripes
cover of Wastin My Time by The White Stripes
cover of Strange Desire by The Black Keys
cover of Thickfreakness by The Black Keys
Day Event Wins65
Week Event Wins16
Month Event Wins5
All Time Points Won323,654
8 Ball ArcadeAdept
Ranking775.5 (2nd)
Wins2,568 (72.0%)
Losses1,000 (28.0%)
Seven Ballings119
Run Outs183
Golden Breaks2
Tournament Wins95
Micro Tourny Wins116
9 Ball ArcadeAdept
Ranking765.0 (2nd)
Wins3,537 (68.5%)
Losses1,630 (31.5%)
Run Outs651
Golden Breaks39
Tournament Wins103
Micro Tourny Wins31
8 Ball BilliardsAdept
Ranking793.4 (6th)
Wins5,878 (72.0%)
Losses2,286 (28.0%)
Seven Ballings461
Run Outs130
Golden Breaks1
Tournament Wins119
Micro Tourny Wins139
9 Ball BilliardsAdept
Ranking792.7 (10th)
Wins9,129 (69.6%)
Losses3,987 (30.4%)
Run Outs315
Golden Breaks38
Tournament Wins134
Micro Tourny Wins162
8 Ball Pool UKAdept
Ranking782.9 (9th)
Wins5,222 (69.6%)
Losses2,286 (30.4%)
Seven Ballings626
Run Outs212
Golden Breaks1
Tournament Wins71
Micro Tourny Wins94
Killer PoolProfessional
Ranking801.7 (1st)
Wins5,263 (85.0%)
Losses929 (15.0%)
Turn Success41,274 of 46,773 (88.2%)
Safeties10,475 of 38,731 (27.0%)
Straight PoolAdept
Ranking795.4 (4th)
Wins1,695 (81.1%)
Losses396 (18.9%)
Turn Success69,178 of 83,374 (83.0%)
Greatest Run98
Runs of 30+156
Runs of 60+19
Tournament Wins82
Tournament Wins118
Micro Tourny Wins13
Wins28,029 (70.8%)
Losses11,585 (29.2%)
Tournament Wins722
Micro Tourny Wins555
Mini Golf
Course Score17