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05:00 Mon 30 Jan 17 (GMT)  [Link]  
Kris, Hippes Fry and epicshot
Keep er lit please you lot
I like to read when i log in here
So keep on posting wont u dear
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05:17 Sun 5 Feb 17 (GMT)  [Link]  
Someone sent me a poem id like to post
He's my favourite poet i luv him the most
But his permission i just need to get
I dont want to post it an have some regret
Although im certain he wouldn't mind
Cos his nature is loving caring and kind
Until i get the thumbs up i shall wait
To repost the poem from my best online mate
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04:40 Sun 12 Feb 17 (GMT)  [Link]  
The next post is going to be a copy of a poem that Ste (guevara) sent me.
He's the person who i promised id never let this thread die.
The person id leave a topic for.
The person who has always strayed but come back
The person i missed the most online
The person who never fails to make me smile when i read his poems

Its called Keep er lit, ive have to join it tigether cos it all wouldnt fut in ine post, trust you Ste haha

Read and enjoy

Edited at 02:45 Sun 12/02/17 (GMT)
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04:44 Sun 12 Feb 17 (GMT)  [Link]  
I sat up late the other night
Found the urge to sit and write
Came to the forums- what a sight!
The candle is still burning.
It's been another space in time
Since I've composed a poetic rhyme
It would have been a dreadful crime
But the candle is still burning.
Keep her lit we all once said
I'd post some poems while sat in bed
You'd give me a topic to post on the thread
Where the candle is still burning
Once we all set sail on here,
We danced and drank and sang and cheered
Travelled the world for a thousand years
Whilst the candle was still burning.
Ltgenswing, pit pull Pete, Paula and Guevara
Would roam the forums sat in our pyjamas
Talking of wild unicorns and racing llamas
Still the candle kept on burning
I'm back again like a stray old dog
That's wandered and got lost in the foggy fog
Sat on the door step you return from a jog
And the candle is still burning
A dog on the doorstep in a silk blue tie
You stop for a second and let out a sigh
Suddenly I begin to cry
Because the candle is still burning.
Immediately: Ste is that you?
Here come the tests without no clues
I'm not saying that you have trust issues
But the candle is still burning!
Dental floss, games of pool
When I used to teach in schools
My little Paula from Liverpool
You kept the candle burning.
A hundred games I must bloody play
Just to post and have my say
I thought you could post for me anyways
And we'll keep the candle burning.
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01:16 Mon 13 Feb 17 (GMT)  [Link]  
Ste done this one ELEVEN yrs ago

lol - thats an eeeeasy one paula!!!


I know a girl on here, named justsumgirl,
Who isnt just some girl at all.
I imagine her with a necklace, carrying a pearl,
Whenever she's here we have a laugh and a ball.
We never like her absence, the forum goes dead,
I sit and write poems for her pleasure.
She gives us a title, that runs through my head,
The extent of her joy- i dont think could be measured.
So i write a quick poem, wait for a reply,
And hope that she thought it was great.
So day after day, our good times fly by,
And i feel proud to say that she is my mate.
So here it is Paula, a poem just for you,
I hope that it finds you, as it found me.
I'll always write one to cheer you up, whenever you feel blue,
Lots of love from me - Mr G
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01:26 Mon 13 Feb 17 (GMT)  [Link]  
The last five posts have been from me
Please some more poems can we see
Im sure you lot can find some time
To post on here while ur online
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02:43 Mon 13 Feb 17 (GMT)  [Link]  
In pops her head,
On our wee thread,
She reads the posts,
And scratches her head,
Complimentary comments,
Coz she is nice,
Oh yeah back to the scratching........she's got head lice!

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04:16 Mon 20 Feb 17 (GMT)  [Link]  

Valentine's Day

The new year comes in, January goes,
The fog is real thick and the cold wind blows.
February swoops in, full of new spring,
Men around the country spend a fortune on rings.

Some men buy chocolate, others buy flowers,
Singletons stay in the office, working down the hours.
Spring is in season, love is in the air,
Men take risks buying their wives underwear!

The girls wake up early, full of anticipation,
A fever of romance has come and gripped the nation.
But some of us resist, to us it's all a fad,
Every single day of the year is a day to make her glad.

Yes I'll put the tea on, OK I'll wash the dishes,
Yes I'll put up with the moods in exchange for all the kisses.
But I won't be bought in slyly, for one day of the year,
When grown men rush to buy the tat, that makes them seem sincere.

For me it's just a nonsense,
What more can I say?
But here's my thoughts, instead of things I've bought
For you on Valentine's Day

Another great one from Ste. I love it
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04:18 Mon 20 Feb 17 (GMT)  [Link]  
Mr G again


I don't know why but it always seems
The week passes by like a lucid dream,
Office full of chocolate and custard creams
But nothing compares to a Friday.

Office to office, city to city,
Chats with the lads and the girls all pretty,
Gloomy on a Monday and the weathers all spitty,
Nothing compares to a Friday.

First day done and Tuesday is here,
Weekend forgotten and no taste for beer,
Wednesday is coming so I release a small cheer,
We're nearly catching sight of a Friday.

Wednesday arrives and I've travelled all around,
Early mornings late nights all sorts of towns,
But soon I'll be turning the frown upside down
As we start to close in on a Friday.

Thursday now wakes me and I jump out of bed,
Under the shower and I clear out my head
My train is delayed but I couldn't care less,
One more day until Friday.

Oh here it is! The end of the week!
Five days ago my outlook was so bleak!
I skip to the car and I honestly squeak!
I'm going home for a drink and it's Friday!!!!
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03:47 Wed 22 Feb 17 (GMT)  [Link]  
From Ste


Short ones, long ones, fun ones, sad,
Many poems posted from this here lad
No reason in particular, an outlet i suppose
My own little secret, that only you people know

Titles sometimes given, from someone as a test,
Other titles from Paula who ensures I'm at my best
Many times I've written it, quick-sharp just like this,
Typed up full of happiness and sent off with a kiss.

I don't know how it started, I've always been fond of the word,
The thought of stopping this thread for good is simply just absurd!
Many years have gone by, they seem to have just flown,
Writing poems time and time again, to make my feelings known.

Some written as a nonsense, some from deep down in the chest,
When it's a broad topic is when I'm sometimes at my best.
So feel free to send requests in, I really do not mind,
It's something I do, from me to you, for a dear friend of mine.

If anyone wants to leave a title, feel free and Ste will do a poem
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05:07 Sat 25 Feb 17 (GMT)  [Link]  
I left Ste a tile....you and me. This was his poem

You and me

You and me, wild and free,
Floating through forums and sailing the seas.

Chatting all night, until first light,
Always being close and without any fights.

A smile on my face, that's always in place,
Whenever I send you a rhyme to embrace.

I search through the dross, to find a poem on floss,
Of dentistry surely you must be the boss!

A blue silky tie, and a glint in my eye,
A sixteen year old kid who'd spend all night online.

Year after year, you've always been here,
Whilst I've come and gone, but returned to a cheer

From you alone, always with that same tone,
Welcoming me like an old dog that's found it's way home.

I wonder when I'm old, a bit frail and cold,
If I'll begin to tell my story and let it unfold.

About you and me, Paula and Ste,
And the time we spent here posting poems to read.

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05:13 Fri 10 Mar 17 (GMT)  [Link]  
Oh wtf
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02:09 Wed 15 Mar 17 (GMT)  [Link]  
Here's a tissue,
Dry yer eyes,
You're not playing,
That's no surprise,
A bit of a wrangle,
All pretty tame,
Sure jump on the bandwagon,
Excuses....so lame.
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05:12 Sat 25 Mar 17 (GMT)  [Link]  
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02:28 Mon 10 Jul 17 (BST)  [Link]  
Same old people,
On at you,
Bandwagons rolling,
Sure jump on too,
You see true colours,
Remember names,
Bullies and liars,
They're all so lame.
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14:10 Wed 9 Aug 17 (BST)  [Link]  
Whatever happened to Funkypool
When banter was fun an light
Whatever happened to Funkypool
When players would laugh all night

Whatever happened to Funkypool
When everyone got along
Whatever happened to Funkypool
When in the garage we'd burst into song

Whatever happened to Funkypooll
When we'd play to get an hatrick
Whatever happened to Funkypool
When the only main man was Nick

Whatever happened to Funkypool
When fun and games would thrive
Whatever happened to Funkypool
When forums were truly alive

I'll tell you what happened to Funkypool
Good people grew up and left
Leaving this site in tatters
Leaving old users feeling bereft

It may be time to now admit
It will never be the same
Its time to hang my hat up
And retire from this once fab game

To those who knew me for yrs
I might pop back once in a while
Read thru msgs and forums
And have a little smile

Before i end this poem of mine
I would just like to say
To the really special ppl to me
I loved it back in the day

~ Paula -
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