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03:02 Wed 7 Feb 18 (GMT)  [Link]  
Whatever happened to Funkypool
When banter was fun an light
Whatever happened to Funkypool
When players would laugh all night

Whatever happened to Funkypool
When everyone got along
Whatever happened to Funkypool
When in the garage we'd burst into song

Whatever happened to Funkypooll
When we'd play to get an hatrick
Whatever happened to Funkypool
When the only main man was Nick

Whatever happened to Funkypool
When fun and games would thrive
Whatever happened to Funkypool
When forums were truly alive

I'll tell you what happened to Funkypool
Good people grew up and left
Leaving this site in tatters
Leaving old users feeling bereft

It may be time to now admit
It will never be the same
Its time to hang my hat up
And retire from this once fab game

To those who knew me for yrs
I might pop back once in a while
Read thru msgs and forums
And have a little smile

Before i end this poem of mine
I would just like to say
To the really special ppl to me
I loved it back in the day

~ Paula -
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03:18 Wed 7 Feb 18 (GMT)  [Link]  
Six long months and not one post
I know this thread means nothing to most
But please if you can from time to time
Just post a few words of ditty or rhyme
It needed be anything long or flash
It can be about anything, give it a bash
Its a thread that i visit whenever im here
It holds some memories, some very dear
I once made a promise a long time ago
About this thread, said id never let go
I can do this alone, yes, all by myself
Just so it doesnt rot on Funkts shelf
But thats not much fun i think you'll agree
So im asking you all to post here with me
Just when you can, it doesnt need to thrive
Im Just Some Girl asking to keep it alive
So when i next visit im hoping to read
A few quick poems or ill be quite P'd!

- Paula -
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17:45 Wed 7 Feb 18 (GMT)  [Link]  
We are not very many,
The numbers are falling,
You expect far too much,
You are so damn ap-Paula-ing!!
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06:02 Sat 17 Feb 18 (GMT)  [Link]  
I keep my paint brush with me,
Wherever I may go.
In case I need to cover up,
So the real me doesn't show.

I'm so afraid to show you me,
Afraid of what you'll do.
That you may laugh or say mean things,
I'm afraid I might lose you.

I'd like to remove all my paint coats,
To show you the real, true me.
But I want you to try and understand,
I need you to accept what you see.

So if you'll be patient and close your eyes,
I'll strip off all my coats real slow.
Please understand how much it hurts,
To let the real me show.

Now my coats are all stripped off,
I feel naked, bare and cold.
And if you still love me with all that you see,
You're my friend, pure as gold.

I need to save my paint brush, though,
And hold it in my hand.
I want to keep it with me,
In case somebody doesn't understand.

So please protect me, my dear friend,
And thanks for loving me true.
But please let me keep my paint brush with me
Until I can love me, too.

Edited at 04:20 Sat 17/02/18 (GMT)
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03:39 Sun 4 Mar 18 (GMT)  [Link]  
Hippesville you know its very true
I expect too much plus a poem or 2
But tell me please why is that wrong
Ive loved this thread for far too long

Dont moan at me just get ya pen
Start doing rhymes on here again
Its a good release it is indeed
An all the nosey peeps like a good read!

Good poem Majestic

A quick random poem from me to you
Dunno what abouti havent a clue
Ill just type the words as they come
To promt you to read til am done
What comes next whos to know
Freestylin Paula her poetry flow
Who woudve thought id still post here
Poems rhymes an dittys year after year
Strictly speakin i should be asleep
But my Saturday night ahhh yanno what...bleep
One minute out an having ball
Next min am cryin against a wall
Argue and then say F it am done
Come home alone give him the shun
Txt after txt my phone i ignore
Yawn....ive heard it all before
So into my pj's an into my bed
Brain working overtime tonight ill regret
What do i do ive been such a fool
I know ill log into the great funkypool
To express my thoughts via a post
When i need escape i love this place most
Away from reality from the worry an strife
Of the problems occurring in real life
Am going on that much i know
I think it now i must go
Not forever but just for now
So i bid thee farewell its chow for now
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04:02 Sun 4 Mar 18 (GMT)  [Link]  
i canny write,
my minds a blank,
ya just ask james,
if its about those bloody tanks,
paula's had a skinful,
recognizable, verbal poop,
no headlines here on funky,
we'll let paula have the scoop!

For Yer Woman there
Posts: 38,209
04:13 Sun 4 Mar 18 (GMT)  [Link]  

A skinful maybe but my mind is clear
Get that right Hippy my dear
An even though i have had a few
I still log on to post for all you
But what do i see when am here
Fun an games have died thats clear
Am sorry if am a moaning biore
But ya'll need to step up, ill say no mote

In ya face pal!
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00:18 Mon 19 Mar 18 (GMT)  [Link]  
Fifteen days! Flippin FIFTEEN!
Nice to know people are keen
To post on a thread what could be fun
Oh well never mind, kiss my.......hand
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03:31 Tue 27 Mar 18 (BST)  [Link]  
A freestyle poem i now shall try
Could come across witty maybe dry
Typing just any old words
Trying to make a single verse
Name people who i think may read?
Or post to keep this thread in the lead
Does anyone even click on here?
Or is its end coming to a near
I do not know but i still love it
Even thought you may think its......crap
Am sure some read even just to nose
So while ur nosing, try and compose
I'll post on here whenever im online
Sober as a judge or when ive had wine
If i can do it you can too
C'mon someone do a verse or two

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02:45 Wed 28 Mar 18 (BST)  [Link]  
How hard can it be to make yourself known
Say who you are after all we are grown
If not then please just leave me be
Hound someone else oh please sweetpea
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01:40 Thu 29 Mar 18 (BST)  [Link]  
Message upon message when i log on
Why do i have to be the one
Who attracts all the cranks
Some are as thick as two short planks

Not interested in anything you have to say
Ignore me, whatever, just log on an play
Are you not bored of your stalking me?
No? Carry on then, please feel free

But ill tell you this just so you know
No more replies from me but hey ho
I suspect that you will ignore what i say
An carrying on hounding me anyway!
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04:33 Wed 4 Apr 18 (BST)  [Link]  
Last five posts made by me
How hard can it really be
To pop on here an leave a post
Upon the thread that i love most

Year after year people come an go
Letting their poems an rhymes flow
Some were short others long
Some reflected words of a song

Some were happy some were sad
Some were terrible others were mad
Whatever the poem true or sincere
Im goad this thread still remains here
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02:41 Thu 5 Apr 18 (BST)  [Link]  
Wanna know a secret? Ive got a spare key
So do as your told an listen to me
Or ill wind you up and give u a smack
This key will forever remain in your back
Posts: 3,625
02:44 Thu 5 Apr 18 (BST)  [Link]  
Was that meant to be sexy?

I got a sexy vibe from tha fs
Posts: 38,209
02:50 Thu 5 Apr 18 (BST)  [Link]  
Oh pmsl! You would wouldnt ya!

No it wasnt. Am not sexy, car do sexy.

Do me a poem. Pronto
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02:55 Thu 5 Apr 18 (BST)  [Link]  
Fat an skin went to gym
Fat got Fit
Skin smelt sht

Ta Dahhhh

Your poem definitely has sexual undertones I dont care what u say
Posts: 38,209
02:57 Thu 5 Apr 18 (BST)  [Link]  
Bravo, brill that, NOT! Do a proper one

It never you loon
Posts: 3,625
03:03 Thu 5 Apr 18 (BST)  [Link]  
I actually was gonna do a poem yeah, but it came across abit g.ay so I deleted it off my notes, you know when you keep re reading something an think...nahhh

I shall do you 1 tomorrow if you apologise on gen
Posts: 38,209
03:08 Thu 5 Apr 18 (BST)  [Link]  
Oh just do one!

Me? Apologise? Whatever for
Dont start or ya out the door
Told ya before am the boss
F'ya dont do a poem it'll be your loss
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01:20 Fri 6 Apr 18 (BST)  [Link]  
Anyone else wanna do me a rhyme?
C'mon guys wont take up much time
Cos it looks like ill wait forever for Pit
Hes too busy eating the lazy......thing!
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Poem Thread 5 (Cont'd)

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