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May newsletter

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Welcome to the first newsletter from funkypool. This newsletter will go out monthly to all members who have elected to receive the newsletters. Each month we'll give you some information about the site, display the highest ranked players and have a brief interview with a "legendary" player.

funkypool was created as an independent pool game site in 2003. Since then we have had 120 thousand members join and over 10 million online games played. In 2005 we launched our sister site funkysnooker and brought out US 8 Ball and 9 Ball billiards. In 2007 we brought out a mini-golf game on a pool table.

Top ranked players

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Rankings generated at 21:30 BST 13th May 2008.

Member interview

Our first interview will be with quick_pot who has won more games on funkypool than any other user. At the time of writing he has an impressive 22,702 wins! quick_pot is also a senior member of the staff team.

Why do you like funkypool?
Because i love playing, Its the best pool site on the net by far, and i love been part of the Admin team.

Do you play in real life?
I only play now in again on the weekends when i go the pub, I'm not very good at all tho in real life.

What is your greatest accomplishment?
Been top on overall tournament wins.

Can you give any game play tips?
If your up against a good player always play tactical, eg try roll the balls up again the pocket so they can't clear up, then when they miss all the balls would be set up, it works for me a lot.

Do you have any tips on winning tournaments?
Basically the same as above, let your opponent clear first so it makes it a lot easier to clear if they mess up.

Any bad habits while playing funkypool?
Yes, smoking too many cigarettes while I'm playing, i wish i could quit!!!

Who is your favorite real life player?
To be honest i can't even name one real life pool player, I've never really been interested in watching pool on T.V, i watch a lot of snooker tho when thats on.

Thanks for answering the questions, quick_pot.

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