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09:24 Fri 3 Aug 12 (BST)  [Link]  
I am currently trying to work out a possible schedule for next season (it will depend on the teams that enter though) so for now i am just going to go with we will have four sets per division. Changes obviously will be made if more sets are needed.

I need to post this seasons schedule first though as i am going to work out the FBL one after this then myself and mattywellie can decide when is better to start the FCL and how long a break each league will have before the new season. League schedules will be done the way they were done this season also.

From now on i will use this thread to keep all future schedules on so everyone will know what they are and its and easy to find what you are looking for.
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09:26 Fri 3 Aug 12 (BST)  [Link]  
Season Four Schedule

24th June 2012 - 8th July 2012
Division One Fixture Set One
Division Two Fixture Set One

8th July 2012 - 22nd July 2012
Division One Fixture Set Two
Division Two Fixture Set Two
FBL Clan Cup Round One

22nd July 2012 - 5th August 2012
Division One Fixture Set Three
Division Two Fixture Set Three

5th August 2012 - 19th August 2012
Division One Fixture Set Four
Division Two Fixture Set Four
FBL Clan Cup Quarter Finals

19th August 2012 - 2nd September 2012
Division One Fixture Set Five
Division Two Fixture Set Five
FBL Clan Cup Semi Finals

2nd September 2012 - 16th September 2012
FBL Clan Cup Final

This is the current league schedule for the season ongoing just now. More to follow soon. You may also notice that there is a change in their to the finishing date, this is due to the tie breaker that we had in the cup which lead to the quarters being late so the final has had to be made as the very last game to be played this season.
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14:11 Sat 22 Sep 12 (BST)  [Link]  
FBL Season 5 Schedule

23rd September 2012 - Transfer Closes
4th October 2012 - Pre Season TeamSheets
7th October 2012 - Pre Season
14th October 2012 -
21st October 2012 - Admin Work (Teamsheets)
28th October 2012 - Fixture Set One
4th November 2012 -
11th November 2012 - Fixture Set Two & Cup One
18th November 2012 -
25th November 2012 - Fixture Set Three & Cup Two
2nd December 2012 -
9th December 2012 - Fixture Set Four & Cup Three
16th December 2012 -
23rd December 2012 - Fixture Set Five & Cup Four
30th December 2012 -
6th January 2013 -
13th January 2013 - Cup Final
20th January 2013 -
27th January 2013 - End Of Season
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FBL Schedules.

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