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08:47 Sat 21/04/18 (BST)
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Details:Male, 43, Scotland
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About Me
to anyone reading this im addicted to this site and some of the people on it but im not sure thats a good thing
think i might take a break soon for my own good
but to all my "friends" i say have fun n dont get to involved with people on here as mostly they just let you down
not sure when il take a break but its before i break myself

Won Today11
Day Event Wins29
Won This Week533
Week Event Wins5
Won This Month2,696
All Time Points Won95,687
8 Ball ArcadeAdept
Ranking708.8 (177th)
Wins1,102 (48.1%)
Losses1,189 (51.9%)
Seven Ballings27
Run Outs9
Golden Breaks3
Tournament Wins111
9 Ball ArcadeAdept
Ranking721.6 (97th)
Wins1,191 (47.2%)
Losses1,332 (52.8%)
Run Outs103
Golden Breaks8
Tournament Wins98
Micro Tourny Wins27
8 Ball BilliardsAdept
Ranking708.0 (341st)
Wins2,730 (44.2%)
Losses3,440 (55.8%)
Seven Ballings76
Run Outs16
Golden Breaks3
Tournament Wins228
9 Ball BilliardsAdept
Ranking749.8 (134th)
Wins2,364 (46.8%)
Losses2,684 (53.2%)
Run Outs38
Golden Breaks16
Tournament Wins117
8 Ball Pool UKAdept
Ranking746.1 (159th)
Wins2,358 (47.0%)
Losses2,660 (53.0%)
Seven Ballings96
Run Outs10
Tournament Wins132
Micro Tourny Wins23
Killer PoolIntermediate
Ranking678.8 (352nd)
Wins450 (43.0%)
Losses596 (57.0%)
Turn Success7,767 of 9,982 (77.8%)
Safeties1,537 of 7,318 (21.0%)
Straight PoolIntermediate
Ranking653.2 (789th)
Wins125 (35.9%)
Losses223 (64.1%)
Turn Success7,832 of 10,058 (77.9%)
Greatest Run41
Run Today9
Runs of 30+2
Tournament Wins36
Tournament Wins191
Wins9,870 (46.1%)
Losses11,528 (53.9%)
Tournament Wins913
Micro Tourny Wins50