New Sectarian laws. (please read)

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22:42 Sat 25 Jun 11 (BST)  [Link]  
Sectarianism, and the anti-social, bigoted and violent behaviour it creates, has plagued the lives of too many people for too long.

As the First Minister Alex Salmond stated:

"...the song tells us for Scotland to flourish then 'Let us be rid of those bigots and fools. Who will not let Scotland, live and let live.' Our new Scotland is built on the old custom of hospitality. We offer a hand that is open to all, whether they hail from England, Ireland, Pakistan or Poland. Modern Scotland is also built on equality. We will not tolerate sectarianism as a parasite in our national game of football or anywhere else in this society."

We must stand together to ensure that Sectarianism - and all forms of bigotry - is a thing of the past. The Scottish Government is committed to tackling this problem head on, wherever it occurs.

Offensive Behaviour
This offence will cover sectarian and other offensive chanting and threatening behaviour related to football which is likely to cause public disorder. It covers:

expressing or inciting religious, racial or other forms of hatred;
threatening or offensive behaviour;
will also cover behaviour of players and managers;
applies at, on the way to or from a "regulated football match", which includes league, European and international matches involving Scottish teams;
"regulated football match" based on football banning orders (FBO) legislation, which means an FBO will be available in every case.
also covers anywhere a match is being broadcast, except domestic property.
Covers a wide range of behaviours with appropriate relevant penalties ranging from fixed penalty notices (£40) and Community Payback Orders to an unlimited fine and 5 years in prison.

Threatening Communications
This offence will strengthen current law covering threats of serious harm and criminalise threats inciting religious hatred. It covers:

threats of serious harm intended to cause fear and alarm, or reckless as to whether it does;
implied threats (e.g. bullets or images depicting serious harm)
threats intended to incite religious hatred.
it will be a defence that the behaviour was in the situation "reasonable", to ensure that artistic performance etc. are excluded.
Maximum penalty of an unlimited fine and 5 years in prison.

This applies to everyone.

If any sectarianism is reported on this site, it will warrant an immediate ban.
If you happen to see any sectarianism please report it though the 'send complaint feature or inform a staff member.

If you have any questions please contact us or message me personally.


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New Sectarian laws. (please read)

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