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I'm Ross from Falkirk Scotland. I work stupid hours every week as a Manager of a driveshaft / filter engineering company. So when i come in from work i love to spend time with my family then pop into my hideaway throw random crap up on the triple screen computer (youtube, movies, fifa, battlefeild, tv etc) and play funkypool on the other.

I come on here to relax and play so i will play anyone from 500 to 1000 not really fussed. I dont want to play in Teams anymore as i find they drag the fun factor out of this and i become inconsistent and start losing games left right and center due to lack of commitment.

When im not on here im either out on my motorbike (off road) or at the race tracks either karting or track days up at the famous knockhill. I'm a bit of a petrol head to be honest. Ive owned over 30 motors and driven nearly everything apart from a Porsche GT3 RS which im hopefully doing for my birthday this year. I currently have a BMW 330i (petrol) and a Mitsubishi Evo 5 (400bhp). The later car sits in the garage as i find it boring to drive and prefer the BM.

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Evo and My old Subaru
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Won the Once In a Lifetime UK8 Tournament with 128 entrants (probably my greatest achievement on here)
Day Event Wins9
Week Event Wins1
All Time Points Won43,834
8 Ball ArcadeAdept
Ranking752.6 (54th)
Wins108 (56.0%)
Losses85 (44.0%)
Seven Ballings7
Run Outs7
Golden Breaks1
Tournament Wins4
Micro Tourny Wins2
9 Ball ArcadeAdept
Ranking719.4 (145th)
Wins803 (54.2%)
Losses679 (45.8%)
Run Outs108
Golden Breaks18
Tournament Wins8
Micro Tourny Wins5
8 Ball BilliardsAdept
Ranking766.2 (66th)
Wins354 (61.8%)
Losses219 (38.2%)
Seven Ballings26
Run Outs10
Tournament Wins22
Micro Tourny Wins5
9 Ball BilliardsAdept
Ranking763.9 (91st)
Wins921 (57.4%)
Losses684 (42.6%)
Run Outs21
Golden Breaks6
Tournament Wins25
Micro Tourny Wins9
8 Ball Pool UKAdept
Ranking749.4 (164th)
Wins3,424 (56.9%)
Losses2,593 (43.1%)
Seven Ballings310
Run Outs99
Golden Breaks49
Tournament Wins36
Micro Tourny Wins65
Killer PoolAdept
Ranking756.4 (75th)
Wins257 (61.5%)
Losses161 (38.5%)
Turn Success3,224 of 3,895 (82.8%)
Safeties769 of 3,008 (25.6%)
Straight PoolAdept
Ranking777.3 (15th)
Wins809 (67.6%)
Losses388 (32.4%)
Turn Success35,548 of 43,207 (82.3%)
Greatest Run92
Runs of 30+83
Runs of 60+2
Tournament Wins52
Tournament Wins3
Micro Tourny Wins4
Wins6,419 (58.0%)
Losses4,648 (42.0%)
Tournament Wins150
Micro Tourny Wins90
Mini Golf
Course Score19