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Details:Male, 27, Albania
About Me
Loyal to Uprising!

Clan achievements

1) Winner of FBL 10 with Uprising
2) Winner of FBL 13 with Uprising
3) Winner of FBL 14 with Uprising
4) Winner of FBL 15 with Uprising Strawberry Goats
5) Winner of FCL 22 with Uprising
6) Winner of FCL 26 with Uprising
7) Winner of FCL 27 with Uprising
8) Winner of FCL 28 with Uprising
9) Winner of Superleague League Shield V with Uprising Ultras
10) Winner of Superleague League Shield VIII with Uprising Ultras
11) Winner of Superleague X with Uprising Strawberry Goats
12) Winner of GSC 3 with Uprising
13) Winner of GSC 4 with Uprising
14) Winner of GSC 5 with Uprising
15) Winner of GSC 7 with Uprising
16) Winner of Killer Challenge Cup 4 with Uprising
17) Winner of Killer Challenge Cup 5 with Uprising
18) Winner of Killer League 1 with Uprising

Personal Achievements:

Winner of the Players Championship 6
Winner of Pool Champions League
3rd in Golden Cue in FCL 21
2nd in Golden Cue in FCL 22
Day Event Wins5
All Time Points Won93,871
8 Ball ArcadeAdept
Ranking737.0 (115th)
Wins821 (56.7%)
Losses627 (43.3%)
Seven Ballings13
Run Outs31
Golden Breaks1
Tournament Wins25
Micro Tourny Wins31
9 Ball ArcadeAdept
Ranking735.9 (83rd)
Wins1,643 (60.1%)
Losses1,093 (39.9%)
Run Outs182
Golden Breaks12
Tournament Wins28
Micro Tourny Wins50
Friendly Tourny Wins3
8 Ball BilliardsAdept
Ranking748.6 (173rd)
Wins3,428 (57.8%)
Losses2,501 (42.2%)
Abandoned12 (0.2%)
Seven Ballings186
Run Outs75
Golden Breaks1
Tournament Wins67
Micro Tourny Wins91
9 Ball BilliardsAdept
Ranking757.4 (121st)
Wins3,440 (54.5%)
Losses2,872 (45.5%)
Abandoned11 (0.2%)
Run Outs97
Golden Breaks13
Tournament Wins21
Micro Tourny Wins54
8 Ball Pool UKAdept
Ranking749.4 (164th)
Wins3,681 (58.2%)
Losses2,641 (41.8%)
Abandoned11 (0.2%)
Seven Ballings337
Run Outs139
Golden Breaks6
Tournament Wins35
Micro Tourny Wins48
Killer PoolAdept
Ranking752.3 (93rd)
Wins759 (57.4%)
Losses564 (42.6%)
Turn Success9,195 of 11,484 (80.1%)
Safeties2,197 of 8,694 (25.3%)
Straight PoolAdept
Ranking757.7 (62nd)
Wins1,485 (61.4%)
Losses935 (38.6%)
Turn Success73,055 of 87,411 (83.6%)
Greatest Run112
Runs of 30+220
Runs of 60+11
Tournament Wins45
Tournament Wins16
Micro Tourny Wins4
Wins14,498 (57.6%)
Losses10,669 (42.4%)
Abandoned34 (0.1%)
Tournament Wins237
Micro Tourny Wins278
Friendly Tourny Wins3
Mini Golf
Course Score17