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Well for those of you who have to poke at a person my age.All i can say is you wasn't thought to respect your elders.And If you are very lucky in life you just might make it to my age.Also i have never took typing in my life and it shows,but as the old saying goes i have mastered the old hunt and peck method lol.
As for as the Player's go on Funky Pool I seem to get along with most,it's a few Captains i have more problems with.I also have a couple Moderators that are my friends as well.So if any one wants a friend ill be do my best.If not i can also put you on ignore,make's no difference to me.Im just here to play and have a good time for the most part.Mikee
9 Ball ArcadeNewbie
Ranked Games 3 / 50
Ranking673.7 (930th)
Wins1 (33.3%)
Losses2 (66.7%)
8 Ball BilliardsNewbie
Ranked Games 8 / 50
Ranking668.8 (1,225th)
Wins1 (12.5%)
Losses7 (87.5%)
9 Ball BilliardsNewbie
Ranked Games 9 / 50
Ranking677.5 (816th)
Wins6 (54.5%)
Losses5 (45.5%)
8 Ball Pool UKNewbie
Ranked Games 0 / 50
Ranking675.0 (1,072nd)
Wins2 (100.0%)
Losses0 (0.0%)
Killer PoolNewbie
Ranked Games 6 / 50
Ranking681.0 (367th)
Wins4 (50.0%)
Losses4 (50.0%)
Turn Success48 of 67 (71.6%)
Safeties9 of 46 (19.6%)
Wins*10 (41.7%)
Losses14 (58.3%)