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Location:hippesville v jimfaebob
(9 Ball Billiards)
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About Me
Been here a while.
Still some decent folk about lol
Here to enjoy a few racks
Not one for 'running away' when I get beaten, it's only a game.

03:31 Sun 26/07/20 8 Ball Pool UK - hippesville broke and cleared up!
03:36 Sun 26/07/20 8 Ball Pool UK - hippesville broke and cleared up!
03:40 Sun 26/07/20 8 Ball Pool UK - hippesville broke and cleared up!
03:40 Sun 26/07/20 Won the 8 Ball UK marathon, winning 84 TournaPoints!

Gotta add my decent Straight runs in here
98, 98 and 92....the century so elusive
Won Today82
Day Event Wins193
Won This Week250
Week Event Wins19
Won This Month1,694
Month Event Wins5
All Time Points Won423,954
8 Ball ArcadeAdept
Ranking783.1 (3rd)
Wins2,420 (67.0%)
Losses1,194 (33.0%)
Seven Ballings152
Run Outs216
Golden Breaks4
Tournament Wins334
Micro Tourny Wins33
9 Ball ArcadeAdept
Ranking766.6 (1st)
Wins5,611 (67.1%)
Losses2,754 (32.9%)
Run Outs993
Golden Breaks70
Tournament Wins471
Micro Tourny Wins326
Friendly Tourny Wins6
8 Ball BilliardsProfessional
Ranking807.7 (2nd)
Wins5,029 (67.4%)
Losses2,429 (32.6%)
Abandoned5 (0.1%)
Seven Ballings397
Run Outs155
Golden Breaks3
Tournament Wins310
Micro Tourny Wins48
9 Ball BilliardsProfessional
Ranking833.5 (1st)
Wins22,210 (65.6%)
Losses11,623 (34.4%)
Abandoned11 (0.0%)
Run Outs874
Golden Breaks132
Tournament Wins1,009
Micro Tourny Wins155
Friendly Tourny Wins3
8 Ball Pool UKProfessional
Ranking803.5 (4th)
Wins6,492 (65.1%)
Losses3,482 (34.9%)
Abandoned4 (0.0%)
Seven Ballings967
Run Outs420
Golden Breaks5
Tournament Wins424
Micro Tourny Wins113
Killer PoolAdept
Ranking739.4 (128th)
Wins1,094 (71.8%)
Losses429 (28.2%)
Turn Success8,953 of 10,930 (81.9%)
Safeties2,443 of 8,403 (29.1%)
Straight PoolAdept
Ranking791.0 (4th)
Wins2,522 (78.1%)
Losses707 (21.9%)
Turn Success107,181 of 125,107 (85.7%)
Greatest Run98
Runs of 30+401
Runs of 60+44
Tournament Wins932
Friendly Tourny Wins3
Tournament Wins497
Micro Tourny Wins44
Friendly Tourny Wins3
Wins44,284 (66.6%)
Losses22,189 (33.4%)
Abandoned20 (0.0%)
Tournament Wins3,977
Micro Tourny Wins719
Friendly Tourny Wins15
Mini Golf
Course Score13