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01:27 Tue 20/08/19 (BST)
Member Since:Mon 31/10/05 (GMT)2005/10/31 16:43 GMTE dd/MM/yy (z)
Forum Posts:9,916
Details:Male, 44, Scotland
User type:Moderator
About Me
FCL Clan Record
S1 = Mean Machine
S2 = Crazzy Clan D1 Winners
S3 = Crazzy Clan D1 Winners
S4 = MVP D2 Winners
S5 = MVP D1 R/up
S6 = MVP D1 3rd
S7 = MVP D1 Winners
S8 = MVP D1 Winners
S9 = MVP D1 Winners
S10 = MVP D1 Winners
S11 = MVP D1 Winners
S12 = Cobras D1 Winners
S13 = Vikings D2 R/up
S14 = Top Dogs D1 3rd
S15 = MVP D2 Winners
S15 = MVP Cup Winners
S16 = MVP Div 1 Winners
S17 = MVP Div 1 Winners
S18 = Professionals Div 1 Winners
S19 = Professionals Div 1 Winners
S19 = Professionals Cup Winners
S20 = Professionals Div 1 Winners
S21 = Professionals Div 1 Winners
S22 = Unbeatables 3rd
S23 = Unbeatables 4th
S24 = Unbeatables 4th
S25 = Unbeatables 3rd
S26 = Uprising 1st
S27 = Uprising 1st
S28 = Uprising 1st

FBL Clan Record
S4 = MVP D2 Winners
S4 = MVP Cup Winners
S5 = MVP D1 Winners
S6 = Professionals Winners
S7 = Professionals D1 Winners
S8 = Professionals D1 Winners
S9 = Professionals D1 Winners
S10 = Unbeatables 4th
S11 = Unbeatables 3rd
S12 = Unbeatables 3rd
S13 = Unbeatables 3rd
S14 = Uprising 1st
S15 = Uprising Strawberry Goats 1st
S16 = Uprising Strawberry Goats 6th

FPL Clan Record
S1 = MVP D1 Winners

TCL Clan Record
S1 = Professionals D1 R/up
S1 = Professionals Cup Winners
Day Event Wins1
Won This Month563
All Time Points Won87,273
8 Ball ArcadeAdept
Ranking731.4 (113th)
Wins2,162 (60.6%)
Losses1,407 (39.4%)
Seven Ballings81
Run Outs161
Golden Breaks12
Tournament Wins146
Micro Tourny Wins2
9 Ball ArcadeAdept
Ranking731.2 (78th)
Wins10,554 (59.7%)
Losses7,118 (40.3%)
Run Outs1,914
Golden Breaks162
Tournament Wins78
Micro Tourny Wins4
Friendly Tourny Wins2
8 Ball BilliardsAdept
Ranking767.7 (48th)
Wins8,883 (62.0%)
Losses5,440 (38.0%)
Abandoned58 (0.4%)
Seven Ballings362
Run Outs114
Golden Breaks29
Tournament Wins227
Micro Tourny Wins2
9 Ball BilliardsAdept
Ranking773.4 (38th)
Wins9,823 (60.6%)
Losses6,398 (39.4%)
Abandoned61 (0.4%)
Run Outs232
Golden Breaks95
Tournament Wins215
8 Ball Pool UKAdept
Ranking768.8 (35th)
Wins6,491 (58.0%)
Losses4,701 (42.0%)
Abandoned33 (0.3%)
Seven Ballings319
Run Outs140
Golden Breaks41
Tournament Wins75
Micro Tourny Wins1
Killer PoolAdept
Ranking758.1 (65th)
Wins984 (69.9%)
Losses424 (30.1%)
Turn Success11,308 of 13,616 (83.0%)
Safeties2,856 of 10,576 (27.0%)
Straight PoolAdept
Ranking736.0 (127th)
Wins461 (67.4%)
Losses223 (32.6%)
Turn Success21,579 of 26,596 (81.1%)
Greatest Run59
Runs of 30+11
Tournament Wins41
Tournament Wins106
Wins38,374 (60.3%)
Losses25,287 (39.7%)
Abandoned152 (0.2%)
Tournament Wins888
Micro Tourny Wins9
Friendly Tourny Wins2
Mini Golf
Course Score9