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Clan Status - Semi Retired (Play When Needed)

For any event based games, my playing times vary but usually any time after 8PM UK Time.

I have achieved many great things on this site over the years including Virtuoso rank, High Professional rankings. Recorded two hundred tournaments in one month. This was during the times where tournaments could take anywhere up to an hour plus, not like these five man tournaments now a days. Have played with many great teams during my time, on here now just for some fun.

Played for a few great clan's during my time, more notably Crazy Eights (Captain), MVP (Vice), The Professionals & Uprising. I remember all the clans that i have played for but these three will always stand out.


8AR - 812.7 (2ND)
9AR - 809.5 (2ND)
8US - 882.2 (4TH)
9US - 927.4 (1ST)
8UK - 901.8 (3RD)
KILL - 912.3 (1ST)
STR - 888.2 (2ND)
OVR - 871.7 (5TH)

All the above leader rankings where when i had the ranking points.

One of the only five people who have ever achieved professional ranking in nine ball arcade. Achieved a record which still stands at 200 normal based tournament wins in a one month period

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8 Ball BilliardsNewbie
Ranked Games 0 / 50
Ranking675.0 (804th)
Wins20 (40.8%)
Losses29 (59.2%)
Run Outs1
9 Ball BilliardsNewbie
Ranked Games 0 / 50
Ranking675.0 (833rd)
Wins17 (37.0%)
Losses29 (63.0%)
Run Outs1
8 Ball Pool UKNewbie
Ranked Games 0 / 50
Ranking675.0 (991st)
Wins3 (18.8%)
Losses13 (81.3%)
Seven Ballings2
Run Outs1
Straight PoolNewbie
Ranked Games 0 / 30
Ranking675.0 (471st)
Wins0 (0.0%)
Losses3 (100.0%)
Turn Success57 of 69 (82.6%)
Greatest Run30
Runs of 30+1
Wins*40 (35.1%)
Losses74 (64.9%)