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About Me
Hi my name is Jarrett Hunter , I like to play alot of pool in reality but when not at the table im at the computer lol , And love hockey , Detroit Red Wings!!

*My Tournament wins*
1.Novice 8ball Open Team 1st!Edmonten,Alberta 2013"ENF Novice"*1st and only novice division title*
2.Intermediate 8ball Northern League Singles 1st!Ebb And Flow , Manitoba 2014 :D
3.Intermediate 8ball Northern League Singles 1st!Ebb And Flow , Manitoba 2015 :D
4. Intermediate 8ball Swan Lake , Manitoba Singles 1st! 2015 :D
5. Portage Laprarie, Manitoba Playoffs! Open 8ball Team"Do Something" 2016 :D
6. Intermediate 8 ball TreatyDay Singles 1st!Sandybay, Manitoba 2016
7. Swan Lake , Manitoba Teams 3rd! 2016
9. Intermediate 8 ball Winterfest Singles 1st!Brandon, Manitoba 2017
10.Intermediate 8 ball Open Teams 2nd Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 2017 " Ebb and flow!" *Ranked to advance division in the 2017-2018 season!*
11. Winnipeg, Manitoba Laura Mowatt 7th annual Teams 1st!" 8 Ball Express" 2017
12. Portage LaPrarie, Manitoba Playoffs! Open 8 ball Team " Ebb And Flow" 2017
13. Intermediate 8 Ball Treatyday singles 2nd!,Ebb and Flow, Manitoba 2017*My Final Intermediate Division Tournnament*
14.Ebb and Flow 2018 Battle of the Bands Master Singles 3rd!
14.Ebb and Flow 2018 Battle of the Bands Master Teams 1st!
15.Dauphin,Manitoba 2019 8 Ball Teams Champs
16.Dakota Tipi, Manitoba 2019 8 Ball Teams Champs
Day Event Wins1
All Time Points Won68,327
8 Ball ArcadeAdept
Ranking736.0 (118th)
Wins948 (62.8%)
Losses561 (37.2%)
Seven Ballings40
Run Outs43
Golden Breaks2
Tournament Wins59
Micro Tourny Wins15
Friendly Tourny Wins5
9 Ball ArcadeAdept
Ranking754.9 (19th)
Wins1,221 (61.2%)
Losses775 (38.8%)
Run Outs153
Golden Breaks17
Tournament Wins48
Micro Tourny Wins21
Friendly Tourny Wins1
8 Ball BilliardsAdept
Ranking734.3 (258th)
Wins957 (58.7%)
Losses672 (41.3%)
Seven Ballings59
Run Outs11
Golden Breaks1
Tournament Wins46
Micro Tourny Wins17
Friendly Tourny Wins2
9 Ball BilliardsAdept
Ranking773.9 (46th)
Wins1,416 (57.3%)
Losses1,057 (42.7%)
Run Outs37
Golden Breaks7
Tournament Wins33
Micro Tourny Wins12
Friendly Tourny Wins1
8 Ball Pool UKAdept
Ranking725.8 (309th)
Wins1,125 (62.3%)
Losses680 (37.7%)
Seven Ballings78
Run Outs15
Golden Breaks2
Tournament Wins46
Micro Tourny Wins20
Killer PoolAdept
Ranking762.5 (51st)
Wins282 (77.5%)
Losses82 (22.5%)
Turn Success1,880 of 2,267 (82.9%)
Safeties523 of 1,778 (29.4%)
Straight PoolAdept
Ranking736.8 (133rd)
Wins167 (65.2%)
Losses89 (34.8%)
Turn Success6,993 of 8,965 (78.0%)
Greatest Run37
Runs of 30+3
Tournament Wins24
Friendly Tourny Wins1
Tournament Wins26
Micro Tourny Wins1
Wins5,834 (60.3%)
Losses3,834 (39.7%)
Tournament Wins282
Micro Tourny Wins86
Friendly Tourny Wins10
Mini Golf
Course Score20