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12:42 Sun 14/04/19 (BST)
Member Since:Thu 07/01/10 (GMT)2010/01/07 17:39 GMTE dd/MM/yy (z)
Forum Posts:168
Details:Male, 24, Canada
About Me
Hi my name is Jarrett Hunter , I like to play alot of pool in reality but when not at the table im at the computer lol , And love hockey , Detroit Red Wings!!

*My Tournament wins*
1.Novice 8ball Open Team 1st!Edmonten,Alberta 2013"ENF Novice"*1st and only novice division title*
2.Intermediate 8ball Northern League Singles 1st!Ebb And Flow , Manitoba 2014 :D
3.Intermediate 8ball Northern League Singles 1st!Ebb And Flow , Manitoba 2015 :D
4. Intermediate 8ball Swan Lake , Manitoba Singles 1st! 2015 :D
5. Portage Laprarie, Manitoba Playoffs! Open 8ball Team"Do Something" 2016 :D
6. Intermediate 8 ball TreatyDay Singles 1st!Sandybay, Manitoba 2016
7. Swan Lake , Manitoba Teams 3rd! 2016
9. Intermediate 8 ball Winterfest Singles 1st!Brandon, Manitoba 2017
10.Intermediate 8 ball Open Teams 2nd Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 2017 " Ebb and flow!" *Ranked to advance division in the 2017-2018 season!*
11. Winnipeg, Manitoba Laura Mowatt 7th annual Teams 1st!" 8 Ball Express" 2017
12. Portage LaPrarie, Manitoba Playoffs! Open 8 ball Team " Ebb And Flow" 2017
13. Intermediate 8 Ball Treatyday singles 2nd!,Ebb and Flow, Manitoba 2017*My Final Intermediate Division Tournnament*
14.Ebb and Flow 2018 Battle of the Bands Master Singles 3rd!
14.Ebb and Flow 2018 Battle of the Bands Master Teams 1st!
Day Event Wins1
Won This Month10
All Time Points Won68,327
8 Ball ArcadeAdept
Ranking736.0 (101st)
Wins948 (62.8%)
Losses561 (37.2%)
Seven Ballings40
Run Outs43
Golden Breaks2
Tournament Wins59
Micro Tourny Wins15
Friendly Tourny Wins5
9 Ball ArcadeAdept
Ranking754.9 (14th)
Wins1,221 (61.2%)
Losses775 (38.8%)
Run Outs153
Golden Breaks17
Tournament Wins48
Micro Tourny Wins21
Friendly Tourny Wins1
8 Ball BilliardsAdept
Ranking734.3 (220th)
Wins957 (58.7%)
Losses672 (41.3%)
Seven Ballings59
Run Outs11
Golden Breaks1
Tournament Wins46
Micro Tourny Wins17
Friendly Tourny Wins2
9 Ball BilliardsAdept
Ranking773.9 (35th)
Wins1,416 (57.3%)
Losses1,057 (42.7%)
Run Outs37
Golden Breaks7
Tournament Wins33
Micro Tourny Wins12
Friendly Tourny Wins1
8 Ball Pool UKAdept
Ranking725.8 (277th)
Wins1,125 (62.3%)
Losses680 (37.7%)
Seven Ballings78
Run Outs15
Golden Breaks2
Tournament Wins46
Micro Tourny Wins20
Killer PoolAdept
Ranking762.5 (55th)
Wins282 (77.5%)
Losses82 (22.5%)
Turn Success1,880 of 2,267 (82.9%)
Safeties523 of 1,778 (29.4%)
Straight PoolAdept
Ranking736.8 (127th)
Wins167 (65.2%)
Losses89 (34.8%)
Turn Success6,993 of 8,965 (78.0%)
Greatest Run37
Runs of 30+3
Tournament Wins24
Friendly Tourny Wins1
Tournament Wins26
Micro Tourny Wins1
Wins5,834 (60.3%)
Losses3,834 (39.7%)
Tournament Wins282
Micro Tourny Wins86
Friendly Tourny Wins10
Mini Golf
Course Score20