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18:03 Tue 7 Jul 20 (BST)  [Link]  
The clan challenge is happening. At the moment it is Uprising v Craig's yet to be named team. If anyone else can scrape a team together, you will be welcome to join.

We will run a concurring FCL and FBL format. In the unlikelihood we have any players unaware of these formats....


8 fixtures
15 frames in all. 5 frames of 8us, 5 of 9ball and 5 of 8uk.


8 fixtures comprised of...
2 8US (8 frames each)
2 9US (8 frames each)
2 8UK (8 frames each)
1 straight (4 frames each)
1 killer (minimum 3 players per team)

No bonuses for now.

All fixtures will be scheduled to be played 8pm on Sunday 19th but you can play anytime before then. If you turn up on Sunday at 8pm to play and your opponent doesn't, you win the match. If the fixture hasn't been played and neither player turns up at the deadline time - the match will be drawn unless both captains can supply an eligible player. All players are eligible if they haven't yet played in another fixture.

Completing fixtures is the main priority, so the contest will be as flexible as possible. Players can join a team at any point during the fixture, other than on deadline day.
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20:04 Mon 26 Oct 20 (GMT)  [Link]  
Hey guys, been a while since I last came on Anything I've missed? Lol
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All new clan challenge

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