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21:12 Tue 12/11/19 (GMT)
Member Since:Mon 28/11/05 (GMT)2005/11/28 15:11 GMTE dd/MM/yy (z)
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Details:Male, 43, Germany
About Me
My name is Stephan and I play real Pool Billard since 1985. The pic is me on my 9 ft table.

I play everyone from 600 to 950 so my rank does not always match my skill - especially in 9 ball; usually I don't care for this, but rank hunters often go mad on me.

I am an unsteady potter (here on funkypool), but my position play compensates this well. Come even near my 8 ball US runnouts or seven ballings and you can call yourself a position player like me. The 250th runnout is in reach now (21.11.2014).

Unlike in real straight pool it is not allowed to pot more than 1 ball at once here on funkypool. This nonsense will cause me a heart attack one day, honest.

I never play tourneys and will never join a clan, so please don't ask. I try to keep things simple in my life.

I play for Bitcoin (BTC), contact me if you are interested. Bitcoin is a free currency, wich means you don't have to sign up anywhere or reveal you identity to use them. They are like cash for the internet. Just google 'Bitcoin'.

If you don't have Bitcoins, buy one on eBay. The coins can easily be devided. My bitcoin address for funkypool is:


cya on table

PS I only have a few 30+ runs in straight pool because I stop at 35.
All Time Points Won156
8 Ball ArcadeAdept
Ranking753.6 (33rd)
Wins1,086 (71.4%)
Losses435 (28.6%)
Seven Ballings38
Run Outs50
Golden Breaks1
9 Ball ArcadeAdept
Ranking747.4 (33rd)
Wins3,168 (62.7%)
Losses1,888 (37.3%)
Run Outs342
Golden Breaks42
8 Ball BilliardsAdept
Ranking772.9 (31st)
Wins15,950 (77.7%)
Losses4,567 (22.3%)
Abandoned19 (0.1%)
Seven Ballings770
Run Outs216
Golden Breaks3
Tournament Wins1
9 Ball BilliardsAdept
Ranking755.7 (104th)
Wins5,259 (67.2%)
Losses2,562 (32.8%)
Abandoned5 (0.1%)
Run Outs169
Golden Breaks25
8 Ball Pool UKAdept
Ranking775.7 (18th)
Wins4,295 (68.6%)
Losses1,968 (31.4%)
Abandoned7 (0.1%)
Seven Ballings203
Run Outs30
Golden Breaks2
Killer PoolAdept
Ranking754.0 (86th)
Wins653 (77.9%)
Losses185 (22.1%)
Turn Success5,582 of 6,543 (85.3%)
Safeties1,461 of 5,229 (27.9%)
Straight PoolAdept
Ranking795.3 (4th)
Wins1,518 (85.2%)
Losses263 (14.8%)
Turn Success59,082 of 72,341 (81.7%)
Greatest Run82
Runs of 30+35
Runs of 60+2
Tournament Wins1
Wins31,276 (72.8%)
Losses11,683 (27.2%)
Abandoned31 (0.1%)
Tournament Wins2
Mini Golf
Course Score14