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Details:Male, 50, Germany
About Me
My name is Stephan and I play real pool billard since 1985. The pic is me on my 9 ft pool table.

I play everyone from 600 to 950 so my rank does not always match my skill - especially in 9 ball; usually I don't care for this, but rank hunters often go mad on me.

Here on funkypool I am an unsteady potter, but my position play compensates this well. Come even near my 8 ball US runnouts or seven ballings and you can call yourself a position player like me. 250th runnouts is my goal, but in 2019 nobody plays this game anymore, so I doubt I will reach it ever.

Unlike in real straight pool here on funkypool is it not allowed to pot more than one ball at once. This nonsense will cause me a heart attack one day, honest.

I never play tourneys and will never join a clan, so just don't ask. I try to keep things simple in my life.

I play for Bitcoin (BTC) or other cryptos, only small amounts (50 cent per game), contact me if you are interested.

cya on the table

PS In straight pool I stop at 35.
All Time Points Won305
8 Ball ArcadeAdept
Ranking745.2 (67th)
Wins1,105 (71.5%)
Losses441 (28.5%)
Seven Ballings38
Run Outs50
Golden Breaks1
Tournament Wins1
9 Ball ArcadeAdept
Ranking749.5 (32nd)
Wins3,175 (62.7%)
Losses1,892 (37.3%)
Run Outs342
Golden Breaks42
Tournament Wins1
8 Ball BilliardsAdept
Ranking772.4 (39th)
Wins16,018 (77.7%)
Losses4,593 (22.3%)
Abandoned19 (0.1%)
Seven Ballings771
Run Outs217
Golden Breaks3
Tournament Wins1
9 Ball BilliardsAdept
Ranking752.0 (136th)
Wins5,262 (67.2%)
Losses2,566 (32.8%)
Abandoned5 (0.1%)
Run Outs169
Golden Breaks25
8 Ball Pool UKAdept
Ranking778.7 (14th)
Wins4,311 (68.6%)
Losses1,974 (31.4%)
Abandoned7 (0.1%)
Seven Ballings203
Run Outs30
Golden Breaks2
Micro Tourny Wins1
Killer PoolAdept
Ranking754.0 (89th)
Wins653 (77.9%)
Losses185 (22.1%)
Turn Success5,582 of 6,543 (85.3%)
Safeties1,461 of 5,229 (27.9%)
Straight PoolAdept
Ranking795.3 (5th)
Wins1,518 (85.2%)
Losses263 (14.8%)
Turn Success59,082 of 72,341 (81.7%)
Greatest Run82
Runs of 30+35
Runs of 60+2
Tournament Wins1
Wins31,389 (72.8%)
Losses11,729 (27.2%)
Abandoned31 (0.1%)
Tournament Wins4
Micro Tourny Wins1
Mini Golf
Course Score14