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About Me
My name is Stephan, and I've been playing real pool billiards since 1985. The photo shows me at my 9-foot pool table.

I compete against players ranked between 600 and 950, sometimes finding that my skills outshine my rank, especially in 9-ball. Generally, I'm unfazed by this, but sometimes, rank chasers get a bit worked up when they lose to me.

On funkypool, I might not be the most consistent potter, but my position play more than makes up for it. If you can come close to my 8-ball US runouts or seven ballings, you can rightfully call yourself a skilled position player. My goal is to surpass the mark of 250 runnouts. However, these days, hardly anyone plays this game anymore, so I doubt I'll ever reach that goal.

Unlike real Straight Pool, funkypool doesn't allow potting more than one ball at once. This rule feels unnecessarily restrictive and drives me mad. Because of this, I usually cap my Straight Pool runs at 35, completely avoiding the pursuit of high runs.

The Corona pandemic brought me back in 2020 after a five-year break - so I say: Hey, I'm back! :-)

cya on the table
Day Event Wins1
Won This Month5
All Time Points Won18,415
8 Ball ArcadeAdept
Ranking760.3 (22nd)
Wins1,449 (68.4%)
Losses670 (31.6%)
Seven Ballings51
Run Outs70
Golden Breaks1
Tournament Wins34
9 Ball ArcadeAdept
Ranking749.7 (43rd)
Wins3,574 (62.4%)
Losses2,153 (37.6%)
Run Outs384
Golden Breaks44
Tournament Wins13
Micro Tourny Wins52
8 Ball BilliardsAdept
Ranking784.3 (18th)
Wins17,280 (77.1%)
Losses5,118 (22.9%)
Abandoned19 (0.1%)
Seven Ballings871
Run Outs241
Golden Breaks4
Tournament Wins53
Micro Tourny Wins1
9 Ball BilliardsAdept
Ranking780.2 (26th)
Wins6,221 (66.8%)
Losses3,085 (33.2%)
Abandoned5 (0.1%)
Run Outs213
Golden Breaks32
Tournament Wins31
8 Ball Pool UKAdept
Ranking735.7 (245th)
Wins4,720 (67.7%)
Losses2,250 (32.3%)
Abandoned7 (0.1%)
Seven Ballings244
Run Outs40
Golden Breaks2
Tournament Wins23
Micro Tourny Wins28
Killer PoolAdept
Ranking758.9 (60th)
Wins685 (77.7%)
Losses197 (22.3%)
Turn Success5,918 of 6,935 (85.3%)
Safeties1,538 of 5,547 (27.7%)
Straight PoolAdept
Ranking794.1 (5th)
Wins1,626 (84.7%)
Losses294 (15.3%)
Turn Success63,525 of 77,648 (81.8%)
Greatest Run82
Runs of 30+44
Runs of 60+2
Tournament Wins38
Tournament Wins27
Micro Tourny Wins1
Wins34,870 (72.0%)
Losses13,570 (28.0%)
Abandoned31 (0.1%)
Tournament Wins219
Micro Tourny Wins82
Mini Golf
Course Score14